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    Awesome work Gav, it's working great and it's a great addition to our toolset! Thanks again for your hard work and quality scripts!
  1. JayHainesNZ

    Very New

    Hey Brock, I would use an Advanced Search to check for the installation of the software to determine if it's currently installed. Then you can make an auto-join group based on the search so machines which match your search criteria will join this group and thus your script will apply. You can then write a script for the installation of Adobe Reader DC and apply it to that group. This is how I handle my scripts. I hope that helps.
    Thanks mate, great script and works well.
  2. I installed it last night into production without any issues. We were already using MFA anyway, so it wasn't any different to a standard monthly patch really apart from saving out the recovery codes and putting them somewhere safe. We also had SMTP setup (as everyone should really, right?), so that wasn't an issue either.
  3. Hey @KKerezman, I'm loving your EDF usage of tracking the Windows 10 Version! - Any chance you'd be happy to share how this is implemented. I'm new to EDF's (Yeah, sorry in advance!). Just if you have the time, I'd be most grateful. -Jay
  4. Hey Team, Attached is the information I'm talking about in the above post
  5. Hey Folks, Any chance someone can guide me to where I find the setting to change how often the "Show History" information for a device is captured and published. At the moment devices are logging once per day at midnight. For servers, I'd like to see this every hour for the past month if possible Additionally it's showing free space and fragmentation values which I presume are only for the system drive. Any chance all this information can be customised and additional drives shown, or even disk queue lengths or other useful information could be added? Thanks in advance all! - Jay
  6. Hey mate, It might be too late for an answer, but check out Szkoda's article on how to make reports for historic information:
  7. Hey Man, Just a word of thanks for this! - I've implemented and the team are very happy to have more visibility! - Jay
    This works great! - Thanks for the hard work Darren.
  8. OK so Typical! - After working on this for a couple of hours, I've managed to fix it just after writing the cry for help! I installed the ScreenConnect 5.5 agent which I found on another machine on the LAN there under C:\Windows\LTSVC\Packages\ScreenConnect. After installing this, I ordered a reinstall from the ScreenConnect Server which updated the agent to v6 which we're running. However it wasn't until I rebooted the workstation that I can now access the machine via the ScreenConnect button from within LabTech. I'm sorted which is wonderful, but man this was an odd one. Log files weren't any help from what I could make of them. Cheers, Jay
  9. Hi Guys, I've a machine which is a LabTech 10.5 Client. It's Windows 7 x64. I can't get ScreenConnect to install. When trying to deploy it will make the C:\Windows\LTSVC\Packages\ScreenConnect folder, but no files show up in here. If I manually install ScreenConnect, then it installs and I can remote control it from the ScreenConnect Server's Web Interface without issues, but this doesn't seem to tell LabTech it's installed as LabTech still offers to reinstall or deploy. Choosing either of those options gives no positive result either! This client has a dozen other Win7 x64 machines which are all working fine. Firewall is fine. I've reinstalled the LabTech agent after removing C:\Windows\LTSVC and registry entries too just in case. LabTech itself is however working fine, it's just ScreenConnect. Commands Tab of the workstation reveals: Parameters: 1|False Output: Failed to install ScreenConnect Client: ScreenConnect client installer MSI cannot be found. This makes sense given the MSI is never copied down.... But if I manually put it there, it doesn't work either. Any ideas for me? Cheers, Jay
  10. Just checking please, was it the client machine which needed these ports open? - I've found a stuborn workstation which is refusing to install with the same error message today. "Output: Failed to install ScreenConnect Client: ScreenConnect client installer MSI cannot be found." Thanks for your time, Jay
  11. Hi Guys, I'm new to LabTech, really new! I'm trying to setup an internal monitor for an existing group (which is showing the correct hosts). I want it to check only the R:\ drive for those machines which is a usb drive in all cases and report if it's showing less than 25GB of free disk space. These servers all use Symantec BackupExec and spit images out to their R:\ drive every hour. My query is so far as follows: Table to Check: Drives Field to Check: Free Check Condition: AnyThing (I've played around with this) Result: Identify Field: letter Additional Condition: Drives.Letter not in ('C','D','E','F','G','H','I','J','K','L','M','N','O','P','Q','S','T','U','V','W','X','Y','Z') and Drives.free < 25600 So far whatever I do, I can't get anything to return a result. I've tried all sorts, but I'm so new to this product and have no experience with SQL, I'm really failing on the basics. Any hints would be really greatly appreciated. Cheers, Jay
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