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  1. Thanks, @DarrenWhite99 ! The InitialScript property will do exactly what we need. In case anyone else wants to do this, we're creating a Location Extra Data Field that can be checked/unchecked to receive notifications by location. Then, we're doing an auto-join group (of Locations that have the EDF checked) to run the script against.
  2. We're looking for a way to notify a distribution group any time a new agent is added to our Automate Server. I briefly searched in the forums, but didn't see anything. I asked Automate Support, but they said they don't have anything that will do this. Does anyone have any ideas?
  3. We had this problem as well. We needed to upgrade to the latest patch (v12) and install "Standards and Health" from the Solution Center.
  4. Has anyone been able to get a working script or monitor for this? Thanks!
  5. @jamberston We're on the new patch management and LabTech 11 Patch 9. :-(
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