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  1. (B)admin Life

    Servers not alerting on bad hardware

    I think Gavsto is asking what type of physical server. The techniques for monitoring physical hardware varies across vendors.
  2. (B)admin Life

    Rebooting when BitLocker is enabled

    ah yeah that is it
  3. (B)admin Life

    Rebooting when BitLocker is enabled

    dont forget to resume bitlocker post reboot
  4. (B)admin Life

    Run custom script when device is offline

    Configure a special monitor to trigger a script when the agent is offline based on your criteria. In the script just use SQL to pull a list of agents that are online at that location within the same subnet etc then execute whatever commands you require after setting the active computerid to one of the online agents.
  5. (B)admin Life

    Event log internal monitor

    I could be mistaken but maybe your monitor mode also impacts success or it going away. Maybe since you have that set to two days it's causing them to hang around? I'm only vaguely familiar with log monitoring using this method so I could be way of target.
  6. (B)admin Life

    Rebooting when BitLocker is enabled

    To elaborate on Gav's recommendation..you want to add the suspend and resume bitlocker commands as a pre and post patch reboot script if you are not using vTPM. This is also handy to have for situations when you have new clients with bitlocker enabled but no tpm on workstations and want to automate patching.
  7. (B)admin Life


    Very useful pack of scriptlets . Have not thoroughly tested all of them but the ones I have used such as the 'process text one line at a time' have worked great.
  8. (B)admin Life

    PowerShell Deployment Scripts

    The machines I've tested on thus far have updated without issue. Recommend also utilizing the PoSH role detection templates in conjunction with these scripts.