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  1. How are you all controlling passwords for Automate to elevate when there is not an on-prem domain. The obvious answer is local passwords but I am not comfortable in having a single local admin across all machines. We could break it down per client to minimise risk, but one thing I will say with local admin scripts is that it is hard to keep all computers up to date in a rotation. We currently have a local admin password that updates into an EDF for each PC which is used when domain credentials are not working. These rotate and are unique per machine. But obviously unique per machine will not work when it comes to the location passwords.
  2. Any news on the HP side of things? Would love to retire Warranty Master 🤣
  3. So what is the advice for someone currently trying to migrate to Azure. Support not accepting the server even with a D-SERIES and P30 SSD. Is AWS better for CW requirements or are we literally forced into colo? Did anyone else have support approve a D-SERIES and P30 SSD?
  4. Testing this as we speak. Edit: Works perfect no issue with disk spikes on our end.
  5. The actual rollout has been fine so far not much noise. The only noise/issues is that we are moving from webroot. It looks as if Labtech is still picking up leftovers and reporting webroot as the AV so it is putting the machines into "Missing Sophos Endpoint" even though Sophos is on and checking in. Reviewing our options now to clean that up.
  6. Just adding a note here to say the scripts and groups work perfect from the Sophos MSP Hub. The only issue is that when importing the XML it puts the groups under Cisco Folder (Irony much?) but other than that looks good and have tested pushing it out to a few devices in our test lab. Next I need to look into ways to automate enabling TPM since pushing out disk encryption on a new machine will try and do it with a pin if its not enabled.
  7. This is something we are looking at now very interesting I assumed they were going to have a tool for this but I guess not. Thanks for the script!
  8. Ok you are correct I was referencing the old patching for the value. Changing it to 2 has got it all working perfectly. Thanks!
  9. So far I have this but it looks to be including all patches as mentioned. Full paste of the Field to Check ( SELECT COUNT(Approved) FROM Hotfix h, hotfixdata hd WHERE h.ComputerID = Computers.ComputerID AND h.approved = 1 AND h.Installed <> 1 AND hd.hotfixid = h.hotfixID AND hd.OS = h.OS AND Date_Added < DATE_ADD(NOW(),INTERVAL -5 DAY) )
  10. Hey Guys, I am trying to achieve daytime patching but I really want it to run against a monitor not the inbuilt one. I have searched a lot through here and tried to put together pieces from other threads to make the monitor but just need a final tweak. The monitor is mostly working however it looks to be including 'ignored' patches. How can I set the monitor to only show missing 'approved' patches?
  11. Also keen to have an updated one posted. I have kept putting this on the back burner but clients are starting to bring it up again.
  12. Signed up to labtech and one of the examples I got shown was the old executive summary. Now I am getting hassled from my customers to get this up and running with the new one. Report center has quickly shot to the top of my most hated part of our software stack.
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