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  1. Yes, that is the logic -- but I don't know how to write a script that checks if the host is a VM and if so then queries for the name of the parent hypervisor. I know that Automate has this information, but I don't know how to get to it. If host is a VM and parent hypervisor is online, then send alert. If host = VM and parent hypervisor is not online, then don't send alert. We use Hyper-V
  2. Yes, I'd like to add a script or other logic to the LT-Offline Server monitor so I don't get alerts for every VM on a hypervisor when the hypervisor goes offline. If a single VM goes down I want to receive an alert that that it is offline (this is working now). But if a hypervisor goes down I only want to receive ONE alert that the hypervisor is offline. Right now if a hypervisor goes offline I get alerts from every VM on that hypervisor.
  3. I'm looking to hire someone to create an Automate script to help with offline servermonitoring and alerting. We receive too many alerts from the offline server monitor when either a site goes down because of an ISP problem, or a hypervisor goes down. I'd like a script that runs when the LT Offline server monitor is triggered that (1) checks to see if the site is down and (2) checks to see if the server is a VM on a hypervisor that is down. If you are willing to be a gun-for-hire and write a script for us that will help reduce the number of alerts we receive, please contact me directly. Jon Bass Bass Information Technology
  4. In a script, how can I tell if a computer is a virtual machine? And if so, what is the name of the VM Host? I'd like to improve the offline monitor script by checking if the offline server is a Virtual Machine, and if so do not alert if the VM Host is also offline. From the hardware tile I see inventory items "Virtual Machine" = TRUE "VM Host" = 'nameofvirtualserver' But I need help to query these two values in a script.
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