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  1. Hi there, In the end, after months of chasing around, all that needed doing was updating/ adding the MalwareBytes solution in the Solution Center. I was pretty sure I'd done this already but when the MalwareBytes support guy did it, then it just worked. I've also attached the settings...
  2. Hi @DarrenWhite99 Thanks for this script, if we wanted to run a script when the device became online instead of sending the email (or in addition), how would we go about that? Would I just put the call to my script after line 56 in the Else section? The reason we are wanting to do this is we are having problems getting AntiVirus onto certain PC's (ones without domains), and these PC's always seem to be off. We like this script, but when we get the Online email, we'd like to run our install AV scrips. Thanks again, Steve.
    Such a good script resource. A bit cumbersome to set up with the empty script monitor but we got there in the end. Well worth it! Thanks @DarrenWhite99 !!
  3. We had am issue with patch 7 where all our reports stopped working because we're not using the US locale on our PC's. We had to get support in to get it resolved and while they were there they upgraded our MySQL Connector Net to 6.9.12 & MySQL Connector/ODBC to 5.3.
  4. Hi there, We seem to be having a lot of problems patching in Server 2016 - is anyone else here having difficulties? A lot of our Server 2016 servers (but not all) seem to be having updates done by UpdateOrchestrator’ & not by ‘CM Automate’ (see attached screenshot) All the patch settings in Ignite seem to be the same between the Servers that are ok, and the ones that are not, and they are all in the same Patching group, so we are at a bit of a loss to understand why some are not being patched by Labtech & some are. Does anyone know where I can look further to see what is going on here? Thanks in advance, Steve.
  5. We used 'Console Show Message' which works fine for us.
  6. And a complete failure of the patch. We have to do a restore from backup of the whole server, Grrr....
  7. 2019.4 totally failed for us. I had to get the Emergency Response Team to help us fix it, which they are still doing as we speak...
  8. Hi there, We've got MalwareBytes installed on some of our PC's, but when we look at those PC's in the PC window (that you get when you double-click on the device), it shows no Antivirus installed. I contacted support, and they said I need to update the details in Dashboard -> Config -> Configurations -> Virus Scan, but they didn't tell me what the settings would be, they said I needed to contact MalwareBytes for those settings. I contacted MalwareBytes and they contacted Labtech/Automate for me but 2 weeks have gone past and I've heard nothing. Does anyone know what these settings should be for MalwareBytes ? Thanks in advance. Steve.
  9. Hi there, I'm not sure if this is the right place to put it, but anyway... I would like to use ClientID in a search but it is not available in the dropdown list of options. I can see it in a dataview, so I know it is available. Is there some way I can use this field in a search? Thanks in advance, Steve
  10. We have 2FA set up & CRAP works for us fine, but weirdly logs in fine without the 2FA, which is somewhat disconcerting.
  11. Wow, this is really good! Could it support 2 factor? We have it in our environment, but this seems to log on without it. I just checked the version I downloaded & it is, which older than the screenshots.
  12. Hi @bigdog09 How did you know that patch 7 has gone through a number of reworks, etc?
  13. What has happened to Patch 7? I thought they came out every month at the start...
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