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  1. @jakem250 Can I see your data source / query? Make sure the Detail Report band in subreport is bound to the appropriate table using the > tag button > 'Data Member' dropdown Sorry I am only of so much help, since even with my documentation there are so many pieces needed. Every time I work on a report I have to re-learn it.
  2. @jakem250 I think I forgot a step In the subreport, go to the triangle icon > Add filter string [ClientID] = ?ClientID This is not needed on the parent report If it doesn't help, try removing the ClientID parameter from the parent report. I don't think it is necessary.
  3. @jakem250 First of all, be sure that your subreport is pulling the ClientID and ComputerID fields somewhere in the data source. On your subreport, go to Field List. Right-click Parameters > Add Parameter Name: ClientID Description: ClientID Type: Number (32 bit integer) Default Value: 0 *Both checkboxes checked Data Source: Data or (none), not sure if it matters Data Adapter: (none) Data Member: data source containing ClientID such as: Client, ClientSummary, or v_xr_clientsummary. In my case it is Custom Query Repeat the same for ComputerID if you need to filter by computer. Right-click the newly added Parameters > Edit Parameters Set Visible to No I am not sure if it is necessary, but repeat the same steps for the parent report. Then Publish the parent and subreport and let me know
  4. I also noticed the problem at least once in the past month (who knows how long it was Disabled). I asked on the Slack channel and they said the best thing is to create a monitor for Disabled monitors, and possibly automatically reset them.
  5. Try this: Re-publish it as a subreport Create a blank report and add the Computers table to the Data Source Add the subreport to that blank report
  6. I understand certain tickets are not supposed to Auto Close. For example, the Rename Admin tickets report "cannot determine Administrator name" but I how do I find out and fix the problem? I think the problem with those might be the account we want to rename it to already exists. We already have "Auto-Enable Administrator Account" enabled. The Disable Office Macros monitor all say "was found without the Disable Office Macros from Internet policy".
  7. Here is how I fixed it. I decided to go back to my Custom Query report and troubleshoot that. I found the report worked if I ran it globally, rather than on a single client or computer. Using the logging method pointed out by Gavsto, I found the seemingly problematic piece of the query that it was putting on the end of my custom query: AND (`Custom Query`.`COMPUTERID` = @p1) If I tried to run the report on a client, then it would say ClientID instead. Apparently this is how it allows you to filter the report by client, location, computer etc. It works fine when it isn't a Custom Query. I think the problem might be that the `Custom Query` table isn't actually a real thing until after the report is generated, so it is looking for something that doesn't exist. I don't know. Maybe it's a bug. Still not sure why it works directly on the server. I worked around the issue by publishing the report as a subreport, which included adding the parameter for ClientID, then linking the subreport from a blank parent report. The parent report includes the Computers table (not a Custom Query), simply for the purpose of filtering by ClientID or ComputerID, and passing the ClientID parameter through to the subreport. Happy to provide more detail if anyone runs into this.
  8. Translating the query into a regular data source is proving to be a pain. It doesn't return any info in the Preview, even without the WHERE statement.
  9. How are you executing the query? The WHERE clause is looking for custom EDFs. It works without errors for me, but I should mention that I can only use sqlyog when ScreenConnecting directly to the server, since I have found it impossible to use remotely with our cloud-hosted Automate server. I'll try using a regular Data Source and see if that helps.
  10. Sweet. Here is the output. Looks like it is something to do with the custom query: **************************************************************************************************************** 2019-05-28 18:11:00.077 -04:00 [Information] APPLICATION_NAME=LTClient APPLICATION_VERSION=v190.110 THREAD_ID=1 "APPLICATION_NAME="LTClient"" "APPLICATION_VERSION="190.110"" "UTC_TIMESTAMP="2019-05-28 22:11:00.077"" "SOURCE="Plugin"" "MESSAGE="An error occurred while trying to load the report's data source. Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Stacktrace: at ReportCenterPlugin.EndUserDesigner.LTXtraReport.ConvertQueriesToData(DataSet& myDataSet) "" **************************************************************************************************************** 2019-05-28 18:11:00.080 -04:00 [Information] APPLICATION_NAME=LTClient APPLICATION_VERSION=v190.110 THREAD_ID=1 "APPLICATION_NAME="LTClient"" "APPLICATION_VERSION="190.110"" "UTC_TIMESTAMP="2019-05-28 22:11:00.080"" "SOURCE="Plugin"" "MESSAGE="There was an error while loading the report viewer control, report: CUSTOM - Onboarding Report report id:54 Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Stacktrace: at ReportCenterPlugin.EndUserDesigner.LTXtraReport.ConvertQueriesToData(DataSet& myDataSet) at ReportCenterPlugin.EndUserDesigner.LTXtraReport.UpdateDataSource() at ReportCenterPlugin.EndUserDesigner.LTXtraReport.LoadLayout(Stream stream) at ReportCenterPlugin.ReportViewerControl.DeserializeReportData(Byte[] reportData) at ReportCenterPlugin.ReportViewerControl.ReportViewerControl_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) "" ****************************************************************************************************************
  11. When trying to run one of our custom reports, I get the following error: This happens for all users, whether the report is run by right-clicking in the Browse menu, or running directly through Report Center. It works perfectly if I ScreenConnect into the Automate server itself, and run the report from there. Preview in Report Designer works. We do have other custom reports which run fine, and this is a pretty simple report. It doesn't even include any subreports. I have tried saving the report as .repx file then re-opening and publishing as a new report, but same result. I am using a custom query for the report in case that could be relevant: SELECT computers.clientid, extrafield.id as ExtraFieldID, extrafield.name as ExtraFieldName, extrafield.fill as ExtraFieldDesc, computers.LastUsername, computers.name as ComputerName, computers.computerid as ComputerID, v_xr_computers.LocationName, v_xr_computers.ComputerOS, v_xr_computers.ComputerDateOSStart, v_xr_computers.ComputerDateLastContact, extrafielddata.value as ExtraFieldValue FROM extrafield JOIN extrafielddata ON extrafielddata.extrafieldid = extrafield.id JOIN computers ON computers.computerid = extrafielddata.id JOIN v_xr_computers ON v_xr_computers.computerid = computers.computerid WHERE extrafield.name LIKE 'ATG.Onboarding%'
  12. Just an update on this: I set the UPDATES - Installed monitor Target to my Disabled monitors group, but I am still getting "Installed Windows Updates" tickets. I don't think this monitor is the source of these tickets.
  13. I saw that, but the thing is I removed all Groups from the 'Monitor Target' tab, and the Alert Template is set to 'Do Nothing'. Also, I have the 'Monitor Mode and Deplicate Alert Frequency' set to Once per 5 years as a desperate attempt to stop them. Another thing is the Alert verbiage in the monitor does not match the ticket verbiage. You did make me notice though, that I did not assign my Disabled Monitor Group (which is empty) to the Monitor Target tab. I just set it so will see if that helps, Thanks.
  14. We get an extremely high amount of tickets for Installed Windows Updates for [ComputerName]. We like that there is time associated with them, but I would like to see if we can consolidate these per computer, rather than creating a new ticket every time. The problem is I don't know where these tickets are generated.
  15. How did you create a search with criteria for missing approved updates? In the New Search menu I don't see a field for that.
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