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  1. Hey all, I'm re-hashing an older conversation from here: I'm looking for the error and warnings and ID's for the event log source from "Cissesrv", "HP Smart Array", "Smart Array Events", "HP", "NIC", and any of the other HPE specific ones. I'm trying to improve our list of Blacklisted Events to better monitor our clients HPE Servers, so far I've had to add a bunch for "Smart Array Events" and "ServeRAID Manager Agent" and one for Dell's "MR_MONITOR" that isn't included in Automates standard set of Event Blacklist. I'm happy to share all that I have in our Event Blacklist. Thanks, Ryan
  2. Hey all, Does anyone have any pre-built disk/hardware failures for HPE, Dell and Lenovo brand Servers? I have already started creating a disk failure monitor for HPE's, monitoring the events from "HPE Smart Array SR Event Notification Service" and "HP Smart Array SAS/SATA Event Notification Service" even HP support could not tell me the source name for the events written to the event log by "HPE Smart Array SR Event Notification Service", but I was able to figure this out just by digging through some event logs and found the source to be "Smart Array Events", but now I need to create ones for Dell's and Lenovo's, hopefully these two types of Servers also have software that write disk failures to the event log via software similar to HP's. Thanks!
  3. Added to feature request as well: https://product.connectwise.com/communities/5/topics/13328-mapped-network-drives-in-dataviews-and-drive-detail-report
  4. Hello! Anyone know of a report or can share one that along with the drives on an agent also shows the agents mapped network drives? I've found the table for this but when I add the table info it always shows duplicate in the report and only ever 1 drive letter per agent.
  5. For me it was enabling the mac address scanning.
  6. -.net on the probe Server is 4.5.2 or higher? Try .net repair from Microsoft if it is -are the ESXi IP's pingable, the Probe needs to be able to ping them -try re-sending config and system info for agent as well as remote agent\update plugins -do any of the ESXi hosts show under Network devices? If so, then you just need to set your ESXi (root) creds
  7. I enabled that, click save, waited maybe 15 seconds, then started a network scan.
  8. Thanks for this! I enabled that and voila, the probe is now picking up the ESXi host! Awesome
  9. Appears I can't disable or uncheck the "Enable New Probe" so I guess there is no choice in which gen Probe I can use.
  10. Yes it's the Gen2 probe. I admit I haven't tried this with the Gen1 probe, going to try that right now. Server type is a Lenovo ThinkServer TS440 and it's exactly ESXi 6.0 build 3620759. Nice to hear that it's not just us.
  11. SNMP doesn't appear to be a requirement as several of my ESXi hosts do not have it running. No firewalls involved as it's all internal and the internal firewall in Windows is disabled. I have a support session with Automate support this Thursday to deep dive this. What's odd is the Probe is picking up the IP as pingable, I can see this in the probe logs, but it doesn't detect that it's an ESXi host and it's ESXi 6.0 and I have other client hosts that are 4.5 and SNMP off and yet their probes detect the IP and that they are ESXi hosts.
  12. Yes you can create a basic script with the Function "Maintenance Mode Start" Set the duration but I think you just leave the ComputerID empty so it will apply to whatever agent you run this script on. Then you just need to figure out how schedule that script because I don't think you can choose every first and third Sunday.
  13. I've now been able to set this up for another client so I know the setup in Automate is correct, so something about this particular ESX host that the probe can't detect. I wonder if there are any requirements/settings in ESX to allow this. The ESX host that I'm trying to get to work is pingable and it's a licenced version of 5.5.
  14. Anyone using the Virtualization Manager with ESX hosts? I can't get my probe to detect an ESXi 5.5 Server. I have creds setup in Global, the Probe is showing the VM Manager Probe role and I've restarted the DB agent. I've resent config, updated plugins. Is there something in ESX I have to turn on? The probe doesn't even detect the IP address of the ESX host.
  15. The N-Central monitor was called "Windows Clock Drift" and the script that ran was "Windows Clock Drift Fix" which was basically running these commands: w32tm /config /manualpeerlist:"ca.pool.ntp.org,0x1" /syncfromflags:manual /reliable:yes /update w32tm /config /update net stop w32time net start w32time w32tm /resync Just need to figure out how to monitor for clock drift with LT.
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