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  1. I had to explode the SQL ( @DarrenWhite99 has so kindly shared with us) to help me better read/interpret it. Here are the fields referenced in the SQL statement and I've marked certain ones using the key described at the bottom. Help? `AgentID`, `GroupID`,⚠️ `SearchID`,⚠️ `Name`, `CheckAction`,❓ `AlertAction`,⚠️ `AlertMessage`, `ContactID`,❔ `interval`,❔ `Where`, `What`,❓ `DataOut`, `Comparor`,❓ `DataIn`, `IDField`, `AlertStyle`,❓ `ScriptID`, `datacollector`, `Category`,⚠️ `TicketCategory`,⚠️ `ScriptTarget`, `GUID`❓ ⚠️ = Check/Ve
  2. We've never run into what @kelliott has suggested, but it still could be a possible cause. Some things that we've encountered: CW Manage Company is in a 'Company Status' that does prevents/restricts creating new, or saving pre-existing, Service Tickets within Manage (i.e. "Credit Hold"). The CWM Service Ticket has been moved to a Service Board that is not properly, or is incompletely, mapped within the CW Manage Plugin in Automate. The CWM Service Ticket has been bundled with (either attached to or merged with) another CWM Service Ticket. There is a configuration i
  3. I'm trying to get some clarity on where we stand on deploying the Windows Updates that address CVE-2020-1472. And in the case of Windows 10/Server 2016/Server 2019, we need to be able to account for when/if the appropriate August 2020 Updates were installed and not just the most recent ones. I'm probably missing something in Automate that could readily help me account for -or demonstrate- this information. (It looks to me like the Patch Manager is making an effort to deal with "supersedence", but that's for a separate thread.) Currently, I'm in the middle of creating a simple t
  4. I've seen the same " Proc Cmds7 ToInteger2 - Conversion from string" error messages in LTErrors logs that @SteveYates and others have mentioned, only I've seen them as part of a set of re-occurring, nearly identical error message entries. I suspected it could be related to the upgrade to Patch 7, but wasn't sure when I contacted Support earlier today about it. I provided a set of logs from a problematic LT Agent, and executed the requested commands to kill the Processes and restart the Services. The issue(s) just started back up again along with the Services. The LT Agents, themselve
  5. @Matthew Mclaughlin, I recommend you review the ConnectWise Automate Knowledge Base Articles if you haven't already. You could definitely use @danialbulloch's script as a basis here, but I recommend either manually (or by running a script) downloading the needed ISOs from Microsoft.com to a server or a hard-lined, always-on PC running a Windows Pro edition client OS. What you do from there is dependent upon your environment ("all Workgroup", "all AD Domain", or "mixed")... If "all Workgroup", then either set it up proper as per Microsoft documentation if not, or get m
  6. @Matthew Mclaughlin, you might this newer thread by @danialbulloch useful: Windows 10 Build Upgrade - 1803 Is Going End of Life!
  7. @Cabraghman 's fix can also be accomplished by directly editing the related LT database table and changing the AV ID for the trouble-some security application(s) to append them to the end of the table. Problem is updating the system (and/or related plugin) will probably undo the fix. @DarrenWhite99, that is very interesting... I wasn't aware of the additional processing involving the state of the detected security app installations. That probably explains some things that we've encountered this year. Best over-all solution to this would be to divorce the identity the record (ID#
  8. I was originally "Wait. Wot?" when I saw this thread because I've seen the setting in the Dashboard. Then I pulled the related documentation and... yeah. Including the linkage and relevent quote for reference by others: ConnectWise Automate Documentation > Administration and Configuration > SSO Setup for Automate [Emphasis added]
  9. ConnectWise Control Used As Entry Point In Texas Ransomware Attack I would image that many, if not most, of the users of this site have heard of the increasing trend of MSPs being targeted by threat actors to distribute malware (sp. ransomware). That article (posted: September 17, 2019, 01:25 PM EDT) is of special note because of this statement: [Emphasis added] It also includes, and references, quotes by John Ford, CISO of ConnectWise, which seems to confirm that action by ConnectWise: The article does not state when that decision was made/announced or link
  10. We updated from 2019.3 to 2019.5 this past weekend. What happened: What was learned: Possible network performance/stability issues aside, LT Support identified the LT -side problem as being caused by User Permissions issues. Apparently, there were quite a few security-related changes made in 2019.4 and/or 2019.5 which were involved here. LT used to "tolerate" what I've called "ugly permissions": multiple User Classes assigned, sometimes with over-lapping Permissions and even including 'Super Admin' thrown in. Used to be you'd have performance issues due to LT h
  11. Is there a minimum required (or recommended) version of ScreenConnect/Control (Server/Access Agent) and/or the related LabTech/Automate Plugin in order to use the "Use Control to Update your Automate Remote Agents" Utility? Also, does ConnectWise have that utility "published" any where on their website? (Didn't see such a link in that Announcement.)
  12. @imurphyHow does your solution handle situations where the font is already present? Are you doing anything else in your LT Script to handle that? Also, please see my recent post in a similar topic.
  13. Not exactly from what I've seen while working on a similar task myself. Apparently there is a Windows Registry item that needs to be created along with each font (not font family) installed to actually register the font with the system. Here are two (external) sites that I'm currently referencing for my work: How to: Deploy New Fonts via GPO Pushing Fonts via GPO I'm leaning towards adapting this PowerShell script to being run from a LT Script.
  14. I've often wondered about how well that'd work, if at all... I have questioned LT Support within the last few months about the Share and/or NTFS file permissions that are needed for LTShare and the FileService to function properly. And they insisted those permissions (both types) need to be set to "Everyone" ("Full Control") for it all to function as intended. Needless to say, I have a fundamental problem with that being necessary. We were told by LT Consulting after FileService was deployed that the only users who might actually need to have LTShare mapped on their
  15. @bmillerWhat is the configuration of that Alert Template? Also, is this related to a plugin, or is it purely custom work?
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