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  1. OK I over road the group settings and increased the number in the configuration to 5221840000 and the test passed so am I right in thinking that I had this the wrong way around and this alert is actually to inform that the server has not been rebooted in 60+ days? Its a bit counter intuitive but now having a think about it and having wrote it out like that, it now makes sense.
  2. I have just started at a new organisation and have noticed a number of servers with the following problem (around 15 servers) Could this be caused by having servers with excessive uptime? There are a number of servers which have been up for hundreds of days however are failing the "Perf - System uptime" monitor. When I take a look at a server that is on the same network as the failing servers I have noticed the following Working Server Days : 1 Hours : 14 Minutes : 33 Seconds : 33 Milliseconds : 33 Ticks : 1388130338750 TotalDays : 1.606632336516 TotalHours : 38.55917607638 TotalMinutes : 2313.550564583 TotalSeconds : 138813.033875 TotalMilliseconds : 138813033.875 The return information on the status page is 156146.8 The number on the result area on the config is 5184000 Guessing those figures equate to time up although not sure what they mean exactly. When I do a test, the result that I get is SUCCESS - 139711.2 which seems damn close to the Ticks number above so guessing that is what it is going of and grabbing. Failing Server Days : 774 Hours : 4 Minutes : 13 Seconds : 11 Milliseconds : 327 Ticks : 668887913278030 TotalDays : 774.175825553275 TotalHours : 18580.2198132786 TotalMinutes : 1114813.18879672 TotalSeconds : 66888791.327803 TotalMilliseconds : 66888791327.803 The return information on the status page is 4.677264E 07 The number on the result area on the config is 5184000 When I do a test, the result that I get is FAILED - 6.68862E 07 which appears as if it either has trouble counting that high or is using something like Hex to count. I am guessing that it counts that number as a 6 and because 6 is less than the uptime threshold that is why it is failing. Is this a simple fix or something that others commonly see?
  3. Has anyone installed this & confirmed that it works without issue on Automate? Realise it is a pre release however it would be good to find out if there are any issues before MS releases it to the general population.
  4. I was trying to figure out why we do not use probes for our clients at the place I work because it would be so handy especially for looking up printers and routers etc? I am hesitant to ask because whenever I tend to bring a new idea up, there is always a reason as to why things cannot be done. Now there is a difference in my mind between valid reasons and non valid excuses that put roadblocks in the way of change. We do use PRTG but compared to the accessibility of the information that the probe will provide between Automate, Manage & IT Glue, it just seems we are missing out on some huge benefits by not having a probe at each client site. Do they cost extra or something?
  5. Thanks very much for that. It does not say that it is specifically supported however on some of the other integrations, it does specifically mention using different ports. It is the only thing that is different. IT Glue have said it should not be a problem to use it although my instinct is telling me that is the problem as well.
  6. Hello I have been trying to get the integration between ITGlue and Labtech up and running. I get the following error: Unable to connect. The supplied server appears to be incorrect and/or is timing out We use the port number on the labtech command console login both internally and externally so as an example https://labtech.mycompany.com.au:4698 We login no problems at all. When I use labtech.mycompany.com.au:4698 in the integration panel, that is when the error appears. ITGlue support are on the ask one simple question then wait and repeat meaning it I have spent 3 days and got roughly the following responses 1) Have you read the documentation (no of course not, I like to live on the edge plus its a sign of great weakness is what I felt like saying) 2)You need to have an ssl certificate and you do not have one (my response was yes we do and screenshots of proof it is working) 3) Must have been a glitch at our end as I can see you do have SSL setup, is you user setup correctly & have you read the instructions (Responded that I have again) I refered them to the fact the error says it is not connecting to the server & so is not even getting to the user authentication part. I mentioned I put in fake details and it still came up with the same error meaning either their error is horrendously wrong or it is not checking the user. So 3 interactions & I am at the same place that I was when I created the ticket, because of the time difference, it will be another day before another question comes my way which is why I am asking here.
  7. I just sorted through all our unclassified apps and after finding the machines do not update I went looking and found this, is this a problem that has always been there or a new bug? I know if I go through and manually delete the unclassified entries direct from the machine console then that will work but was sort of looking forward to seeing all my work paying off and it automatically occurring. I think the same thing is happening with the missing drive entries as well
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