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  1. Hey there fellow Labtech Geeks... a buddy and I have been toying with the idea of expanding our business to provide Automate (Labtech) consulting for MSPs. We've met with some companies local to our area and they are on-board, but we're wondering what and how you guys think would be the best way to get our name out there and find clients. We've looked into Reddit MSP sub, but the rules are strict about advertising, so sometimes it's hard to get our name out there. Obviously word of mouth is our best bet, but since consulting for Automate could really be nation-wide (since we can do it remotely), we're trying to figure out the best way to reach potential customers. Any thoughts out there? Are any of you providing consulting and if so, how are you marketing yourselves?
  2. We were looking into the awesome AppAssureD plugin, but realized that it is currently only available for AppAssure version 5.x. Does anyone know if support is coming or how to make this plugin work for version 6 (now called Rapid Recovery). Much appreciated.