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  1. As a result of the wannacry outbreak and more recent Petya (Not Petya) outbreak, I am looking into how to leverage Labtech in identifying vulnerable machines. I have seen the stuff here about a monitor looking for patches and such but it seems with the MS roll ups, it's can be a challenge identifying if they have patches. What i'd like to try, having labtech gen some type of report that looks for the windows version, the version of the file c:\windows\system32\drivers\srv.sys (as this is the file affected by eternalblue). I can then take the report of these file versions and identify the machines that don't have the required minimum version, based on their OS version. In some testing of manually looking at machines, using the file viewer within the agent, right clicking on the file and choosing properties, it doesn't display the correct version numbers. One thought I had was maybe some batch file that can pull this info, but I don't know how to output to labtech for a report. Hope this makes sense.
  2. Anyone use I-Backup for their systems? Anyway to have Automate monitor this? FYI, I am a newbie!! John Mackey
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