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  1. I had opened a ticket on this and it is a known problem. This is what they gave me as a work around. I understand that you are seeing event log messages being truncated in both the front and the back leaving the middle part of the event in tickets. This is being caused by a current known issue in LabTech. There isn't a resolution currently available but there is a workaround. For all of the internal event log monitors listed below or just the ones you are seeing this issue on, do the following. 1. Click Monitors in the Control Center then click the Internal Monitors tab. 2. Find the monitor in the list and double click to open it. 3. Click the Configuration tab. 4. Change the Identity field value to: substr(concat(eventlogs.logname,' ', eventlogs.eventid,' - ', replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(eventlogs.message,'\'', ''),'\"', ''),'\\', ''), '\t', ''), '\r', ''), '\n', '')), 1, 150) 5. Click Save. EV - BlackListed Events - Exchange Server EV - BlackListed Events - Informational Errors Only EV - BlackListed Events - Symantec Backup Exec EV - BlackListed Events - Symantec Endpoint Protection EV - BlackListed Events - Symantec Endpoint Protection Licensing EV - BlackListed Events - Warnings and Errors Only EV - Chassis Intrusion EV - Drive Errors and Raid Failures EV - Failed Load User Profile EV - Failed Logins* EV - Folder Redirect Failed EV - Printer Driver Missing* EV - TCPMax Connections Reached The monitors listed above will now create tickets that have the first 150 characters of the event log message along with the Event ID. If you install/update the Ignite Blacklist Eventlog Monitors solution from the Solution Center the changes you just made will get overwritten. Rob Sloan ConnectWise Automate™ Software Consultant
  2. I inherited LT too. I'm finding the same very poor level of support from them, especially for complex questions/issues. If their first line can quickly answer it, then all is OK, but like the other posts, if it gets even a little complex, it goes into a black hole and until I raise a stink, nothing gets done. They often try to push me to consulting when it is really a technical issue. For example, I was trying to run a VB script as the current logged in user which wasn't working. I didn't get any errors, just nothing. At first, they kept told me that it needed to go to Consulting and when I let them know that the script runs perfectly when manually run (didn't even need Admin rights) they had no clue. It took over 2 weeks for them to finally tell me that Oh, we can't run scripts as the logged in user. I would have thought that would have been the first thing they might have mentioned since the script modifies the registry in HCKU and they asked for a copy of the script at the beginning of the issue. Unfortunately it seems like I have to keep plugging away on the issue on my own to try to resolve it since they don't seem to know their own product very well. Add to this that their documentation has not kept up with the product and, even assuming I can find what I'm looking for, it typically has incorrect information and screen shots. I went through their Initial training and found it to be half baked and not very useful. They were all over the map in each session and things rarely connected with reality or our environement. I'll get off my soap box now.
  3. Has anyone come across a report or a simple search that would show all printers installed for each machine? I'm thinking a search might be better so we can exclude some of the built-in ones, like Microsoft Print to PDF, etc. We are in the process of migrating users from an old print server to a new one and having that report so we know which machines need to be targeted would be helpful. Also, in the not so distant future (couple of months) we are moving to a new facility and are going to redefine and re-allocate all the printers, as well as replacing a lot of really old ones.
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