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  1. Hi fellow Labtech geeks, We have a problem employee that needs to be watched at specific times of day without notice (management requested). My only issue in doing this is that I use LabVNC, and by default it pops up the "A Technician is Connected" notification window. This is not a problem for me (actually very handy as the user knows I'm working), but I need to disable this for this specific employee for a short period of time until we get the information we need. Can this be disabled? I don't mind if it's globally disabled until this employee issue is resolved. In searching I have found info online stating you can go to Dashboard>Config>Properties and potentially add the property "lt_notechconnected" and set to 'True', but so far this has not worked... It still pops up the box informing that I'm connected. The screenshot option was another workaround, but management was not happy with that and wants to watch this employee to ensure he is not comprising the confidential information of the company. The laptop is company property as well, so I believe this is all O.K. to do. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this silently? The employee is remote so I don't ever get physical access to the PC, only access I have is through the LT Agent. Thanks! -Rob
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