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  1. Holding back a month would be a solid theory if they didnt release bugs into every single release and then take three to six months to fix them. Its a vicious circle the current patch model. I'd still love if they would adopt the Manage model and get their releases right quarterly then fix the bugs in-between.
  2. Hit up the agents table in the database. Filter on what you want to remove and bin them.
  3. You ever get to update this @markwiater
  4. Cheers bud, that fixed it up.
  5. Any chance you can post that as a file? Copying and pasting is giving errors, and I think its the formatting coming from the forums.
  6. Hey there, great looking plugin. Is this able to handle local accounts on machines? For example the creation / password rotation of a local user account on all workstations?
  7. Perhaps a remote powershell monitor using get-winevent you will be able to filter down to what you want and only look back xx number of hours or minutes for the event. For example you could play with this to suit your needs. "%windir%\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe" -command "& {$evtFilter=@{'StartTime'=$([datetime](Get-Date).AddHours(-24)); LogName='Application'; ID=(1511);}; (Get-WinEvent -FilterHashTable $evtFilter -MaxEvents 1 -EA 0 | Select-object -Property * | out-string).Trim()}"
  8. Love the drive models for SSD's. If anyone has any others they know of, keep em coming!
  9. I went from v12 p10 to 2019.1, havent had any .Net issues or needed to factor anything around .net, so whatever I had on my agents before that patch was fine on that patch after. That said, just hold off p12 or 2019.1 for now. 2019.1 is stable, but 2019.2 is just around the corner and you will absolutely want to wait for it.
  10. Thanks for this Ian. Identifying things like this and releasing workarounds to the community make all the difference rather than waiting months for it to come through in a patch, so I just wanted to take the time to say thanks and if more things like this can be done for known issues, it will change the perception of 'ticket logged, see something in a few months hopefully'. So once again, thanks. Very much appreciated.
  11. https://www.labtechgeek.com/topic/3722-check-windows-activation-state-find-unactivatedunlicensed-systems/?tab=comments#comment-22825
  12. You want to pay around with the manage plugin and map ticket categories to service boards. Check out the university documentation for the Manage plugin and that should get you what you need. https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Documentation/080/040/020/040 For the reports, try this. https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Documentation/070/210/030/050
  13. Note team, it is listed as a port you should open here - https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Documentation/020/010/020 I dont have it open, so not sure if thats a new port or I failed to follow the guide, but FYI. The page has been updated since I did my install though.
  14. I'm in a somewhat unique scenario where I have perpetual ncentral licenses, so my server is still functional, just no upgrades or support. This had been good, as it's allowed my mission to be slow. You will no doubt have questions, feel free to hit me up here or on slack.
  15. I've been migrating from n-central to automate for a year. Was using NC for 10 years, was about 2500 agents when we left, so plenty of experience with it. My honest answer for you at 400 agents would be to stay where you are if you don't have someone dedicated to putting in a lot of time. NC's interface is better. There is less bugs. If a feature is released by them it's solid. Their network detection, and their built in monitoring of things that are not a Windows agent is better (esxi, switches, etc) but that's because they charge you a professional license for each device you want to monitor at that level. They have plenty of monitors (services and service templates) built in out of the box that are current, and they all work. Agent communication is persistent https and a remote command prompt is real time, and all of these things are 5 years old and stable. Their integration with Manage is nice, but not better, but also not worse. It's different, and consistent with the rest of the theme that is NC. It works out of the box and doesn't break, but you have to do it their way. No database access, no custom extra data fields, report manager sucks, there is no plugins, and their scripting (automation manager) is ok but limited. The learning curve is easy, and techs pick it up quickly. Enter Automate. It's nothing like that. It's full of bugs, features releases are often half baked, their interface was very old then v12 hit and it was shiny but clunky, then a year later they decide to go all Web, and the interface is more NC ish. Half (75%?) of the built in ignite stuff is either out of date or too full on and makes noise for no reason. Agent communication is delayed due to a check in / UDP heartbeat setup (admittingly that's changing) and using a remote command prompt is like sending paper aeroplanes back and forth. Stability is questionable compared to NC, But... It's customisable. If you throw away most built in stuff and do it yourself, the potential is endless. Even the standard Offline server monitors you will end up re doing. Monitors are more powerful. You have database access. Plugins. Extra data fields. A stronger scripting tool. A manage plugin that has its flaws, and you end up with tickets in two systems that mirrors between, but that also means you can manipulate those tickets in manage via automate scripting and get creative. The learning curve is like climbing a mountain, but once you are there you are glad you held on. You will end up knowing more about sql and powershell than you ever needed to in NC because stuff just happened, you will poor nights and nights of personal time into it because it's like you become a crack addict to get things right, but if you pop out the other end, you can do far more than you ever could with NC and you will walk around justifying where your last 12 months went while you were juggling another role with the NC to CWA migration because although it has its flaws, you can do more now. Plus, there is this community in the forums and on slack, and it's unlike any other you have ever been apart of because we are all forced to be crack addicts together. I never used the built in AV from NC, I use sophos and that stuff really doesn't compare, so I can't comment around that specifically. So at 400 agents, my suggestion would either be stick it out with NC until you hit a limit technically where you need to do more, and then have a really big project to migrate over like I did (and the more built in stuff from NC you use the harder that is), or move over now, but be prepared to do a shit tonne more work on your rmm than you ever had to before. @SteveIT might be able to give you his view to see if it differs from my one. He did a similar move. All the best,
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