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  1. I moved over from n-central about 3 years ago. If it helps, in a few years you will be great at sql and realise how much more you can do with Automate, after you build it yourself. Forget everything out of the box.
  2. You would have to build your own prompt instead, not use the built in stuff.
  3. https://www.mspgeek.com/topic/3722-check-windows-activation-state-find-unactivatedunlicensed-systems/?tab=comments#comment-22825
  4. I use warranty master, or scalepad as its now called, but this may help you. https://www.cyberdrain.com/automating-with-powershell-automating-warranty-information-reporting/
  5. This might be a start for you.
  6. Jacobsa

    For Sophos partner

    What's your thoughts on it? I feel it really missed the mark. It's slow, and it should have a plugin interface at the computer level to allow managing the device, toggling tamper protection, installing, handling alerts, etc.
  7. Nice - I just did some testing and I am definitely getting some different devices showing in that duplicate device query.
  8. Thanks Dad. Just a heads up, the imported SQL came in as this to me.. Automatically creating a ticket, and limited to SQL 2005 servers...
  9. We modified it to store the powershell ltposh install command and token in an edf per location
  10. https://www.powershellgallery.com/packages/PSWindowsUpdate/ http://woshub.com/pswindowsupdate-module/
  11. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15565151/get-date-of-every-second-tuesday-of-a-month
  12. Speak to the client about options you can provide? Otherwise you may need to see if you can define what you want to do in sql, and execute sql in a script that runs daily and calculated if it's the patching day or not. Might be able to store what you want in an edf some how and call it or wrap it in to the calculation. Not the best option, but what about defining every date in advance in an edf that suits your criteria and then calling on that in a script to check if is go time or not.
  13. There are also some powershell modules out there, in the gallery, that will download and install patches, and reboot if needed. You could just write a script to call them. Then it has nothing to do with automate.
  14. Study this page if you haven't already, and pay attention to the ap process and the * - https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Documentation/060/040 If you are getting a different av, vs a blank av, then it will likely be another definition taking priority over this one. Remove the av of you can. Make sure you update config after you make new ones, and I suggest using the Web to check how it's going. The control centre needs cache reloaded and what not after making new ones, the Web can make the procedd a little easier.
  15. I can't recommend using ltposh enough. Now you need to use installer tokens, but everything you need is done for you right here.
  16. Nice, this is what I was envisioning to build for us internally, so I appreciate it. Question, is there any upper limit on the installer tokens that you have come across? For example, is 120 months a valid input? I assume no process from CWA rolls through and wipes these tokens out that we have found yet?
  17. Hey mate, so what issues you having with Sophos deployments when you say you need to fix them? We have the same if not more endpoints and are not seeing them fail, so keen to know what you are seeing. In regards to the suspicious health status, where are you seeing that? Do you mean within Sophos Central or on the endpoint itself? We are just starting to look at options now. Ben Verschaeren has put some stuff up on Git here to interface with the Partner CLI. https://github.com/0xBennyV - @Gavsto tagging you just FYI as well in the event you wanted to play with the Central API.
  18. I had to build this up for a client a while back, they dont use it anymore so I cant give live advice, but have a look here: https://forums.connectwise.com/community/f/connectwise-automate/41642/virus-scan-configuration-for-carbon-black-cb-defense
  19. If it helps, we took the approach of just deleting the Defender definitions. We use sophos, so if only Defender is there and not sophos, then we consider that as missing AV.
  20. Holding back a month would be a solid theory if they didnt release bugs into every single release and then take three to six months to fix them. Its a vicious circle the current patch model. I'd still love if they would adopt the Manage model and get their releases right quarterly then fix the bugs in-between.
  21. Hit up the agents table in the database. Filter on what you want to remove and bin them.
  22. You ever get to update this @markwiater
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