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  1. Thanks for the information guys. Front Page has been updated with the latest past as well as a Pre and Post patch guide to ensure that your agents will check in after upgrading. As always please post any issues you're experiences so that we can all stay informed. Thanks!
  2. Patch 6 was officially released on Thursday. There was definitely some miscommunication around its release, but it's officially here now... though patch 7 should be right on its coat tails.
  3. Yeah, this patch has really sweetened the pot with its features which makes it very difficult to avoid. Ignore the Sirens' call. What's beautiful at a distance is an ugly vicious monster up close.
  4. @maxgruv It might not be fair for me to assume this, but I'm always weary of patches that are released late... especially when there are a ton of revisions. You're not the only one that has been experiencing issues. I labeled 2020.5 as semi-unstable right out of the gate for a reason. I'm hoping the next patch is better.
  5. @Liquidfox Thanks for the info. I've added the bug to the front page. I've seen several people in Slack complaining about probe related issues in 2020.5
  6. Patch 2020.4 added You know the drill - Post any issues/problems you might have to keep us all in the loop. Thanks again everyone!
  7. @leebaxter I don't know if anyone has gotten with you on this, but we are in the same boat. We use SSO for the Web CC and we use DUO for the thick client (desktop CC). Google Auth would would work the same way. Let me know if you have any questions getting it set up and I'll be happy to work with you on it.
  8. Thanks for the update @maxgruv I've added Patch 2020.3 to the front page. Sorry, I'm a little late to the party on that front. Be sure to post any issues/bugs you might be experiencing to keep everyone updated and informed. Thanks guys!
  9. @ryno252 First let's see if email works at all in your Automate instance. Create a new script > Add a new function > Select 'Email' > add your email address with whatever subject/body text you want. Run the script on a machine and see if you get the email. If you don't get an email then either A.) You have an outlook/exchange/SPAM filter rule that's moving/deleting the email or B.) It's actually broken and you'll unfortunately have to wait for support. Don't be afraid to call them and prod them along. However if the email did go through, then it might be your account. Give this a shot: Create a new account > Make the account a super admin > make sure to add a valid email > use the new account creds to install the update. If successful, then you can delete the account.
  10. I haven't heard that one, yet. Thanks for the input @skyper. Let me investigate and see if I can find out how widespread that is.
  11. @Xeno Hopefully you're already using the Report Center. It's been around for a few years now and is leagues ahead of the legacy reporting. The old Crystal reports looks like they were taken straight out of the 90s. If by chance you haven't moved to the new Report Center, then I would highly recommend looking through Gavin's site (https://www.gavsto.com/category/labtech/report-center/) In other news - I've added 2020.2 to the front page. As always, let us know when you run into issues so that everyone can be made aware and prepared. Thanks guys!
  12. The Solution Center is strictly for plugins/roles/scripts. Patching Automate itself is done on the actual Automate server, not within the application.
  13. You actually don't have a whole of say when it comes to patching when you're hosted. ConnectWise updates Hosted instances in clusters. If you haven't been upgraded yet, then I'm sure you will be soon. This is mostly for on-prem instances (though hosted clients should still benefit from seeing the potential bugs in each patch)
  14. That sounds like a terrible situation. Others may have a better idea, but here's how I would handle it (I'll attach screenshots below): Patch Manager: Follow the screenshot, but here's why I selected what I did. Script runs in the early morning, so I unchecked Monday because that's Sunday night and still the weekend, however I kept Friday checked because that's Thursday night, which is still during the week. I went ahead and unchecked the First and Last week to make certain that the first and last few days of the month are left alone. The most important piece is the script before patching. It's going to check if it's a holiday (based on the dates you give it) and then make sure you check to cancel the patch job if the script fails because it's going to intentionally fail if it's a holiday. Holiday Script: Set an alert or create an auto generated ticket at the beginning (or really end) of each year and make sure that you've got the dates right. You can also add or remove holidays, just make sure you're setting the holiday based on the date format Month/Day/Year (don't add zeros to single digits in the date). Script will fail if it's a holiday which will cancel the patch job for that night. Script XML for uploading to your server (You can find it under Scripts > Dev Scripts): Holiday Check.xml Adjust accordingly and feel free to hit me up in Slack if you have any questions. Good luck and happy patching!
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