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  1. Thanks for the update @dpltadmin I've added it to the front page and linked your comment as the source. That being said I'm still greenlighting Patch 11 because it seems to be relatively stable for most users.
  2. Solution Center is apparently not updating on Patch 10 (haven't heard any word on if it's fixed in Patch 11) Solution: 1. Log into Automate server and stop both Labtech Solutions Center Service and the Monitor service below it. 2. Extract the contents of the zip (provided below) 3. Delete SCService.exe and SCServiceMon.exe from C:\Program Files\LabTech\ and paste in the new ones 4. Delete SCClient folder from %AppData%\Local\ 5. Restart the Services and Automate then open Solutions Center. *Disclaimer - The zip was provided by a technician on the Slack channel. You are responsible for vetting the contents of any file you put on your Automate server. I know this is safe, but you should never take someone's word when it comes to security. Run these steps at your own risk (even though they are the exact steps provided by CW support) SCServiceMon.zip
  3. Sorry I was out all last week when it was released. Added the patch to the front page. As always let me know if you run into any issues.
  4. @maxgruv Honestly it's pretty arbitrary. Unless there is good reason to deem it "unstable," then after 2-3 weeks I'll poll the Slack channel to make sure I didn't miss anything and then mark it accordingly.
  5. We're also a Kaseya turned Automate crew, but we pulled the trigger way back in 2012. No regrets. Automate is not without it's flaws, but I truly believe that it's the best product on the market currently. About a year ago there was a poll where hundreds if not thousands of MSP employees gave their opinion on their current RMM. Automate blew every other product out of the water, except for pricing and "vendor support" because their support is horribly lacking (though better than they get credit for). I'll see if I can find those poll results for you.
  6. Yeah, it doesn't appear to be a problem with a patch, just with their specific instance.
  7. Before doing that, I would recommend downloading the CWA patch again, go to properties, make sure it's 'unblocked,' run the patch as admin and install it over the top of itself. Weird issues like that do pop up from time to time, but it's typically a poor install rather than an issue with the patch itself.
  8. Good morning everyone, I'd like to share how we're handling the ticket integration as well as hear your opinions on efficiency with tickets, devices, configs, etc. We are really struggling on the device/config side of things, but I feel like we have a really good handle on tickets... so that's what I'll be sharing with you. Overview: All Automate tickets are synced with Manage and those tickets will end up on 1 of 3 different boards. 100% of the tickets sync to an Automation board and CW Manage workflow rules will move them to another board which gives a central management location for the direction of all automated tickets and avoids questions like (Did Automate send this to "x" board or did a Manage workflow rule move it from "y" to "x"). Here's a quick breakdown of the 3 boards: Automation - This is where 100% of the Automate tickets are synced. This board should be self healing. Automate should open these tickets, sync them with Manage, resolve the issue, and close the ticket in both applications. Alerts - In a perfect world this board should remain empty. This board is for tickets that should be self healing, but aren't. We have a workflow rule that will age unresolved tickets out of the Automation board and into this board. This board helps expose where Automate is failing. You'll see a trend of tickets that all have the same issue on this board and once you figure out the problem on Automate's side, then you'll most likely see all of those tickets resolve themselves. This has greatly increased the efficiency of our Automate server because it separates the noise of self healing spam from legitimate issues with Automate. Service Board - This is the normal service board where all of our tech live day in and day out. This is where the vast majority of our company's 'hands on' tickets go, so this is the perfect place for emergency/critical Automate tickets to go (via Manage workflow rules). Our service team will immediately have eyes on these tickets to get them resolved quickly (Offline server, critically low disk space, stopped crucial services, potential Ransomware infections, etc) A few notes: Even though Automate is only sending tickets to the Automation board, it's very important that you check the boxes to sync with every board that an Automate ticket might end up. If the ticket is sent to a board that Automate can't see, then the integration breaks and Automate can no longer update/close that ticket. Nearly all partners have a "closed loop system" enabled on their service board meaning that the customer gets an email any time a ticket is created/updated/resolved. Some people might not want their customers to see critical automate tickets (i.e. - issue comes in, tech gets it resolved, tech then shares the resolution with the customer before they even realize there's a problem.) This helps provide the "crystal ball" experience where the customers think that you're so on top of things that you can resolves problems before they even exist. The easiest way to do this is to create board called "Emergency" or "Critical" and have those ticket flow into that board instead. Then you can create a 'view' for your techs to see both the 'Service Board' AND the 'Emergency Board' in a single board view. (I'll provide more details on how to set this up if you're interested) If the Alerts board is overbearing then there are a couple of things you can do to remedy that. First, you can turn off monitors that you don't care about. Automate can get pretty noisy and if you don't have a good handle on all of your monitors, then it can wreak havoc on you via ticket SPAM. There's no harm in turning them off because they aren't beneficial if they're out of control and are actually causing more harm than good. You can always go back and slowly turn them back on and reign them in better one monitor at a time. The second thing you can do if your Alerts board is out of control is to utilize Brightgauge (or another dashboard/CW Manage's MS SQL database). Use these tools to help determine the top 3 alerts that are spamming your board. That will give you great direction for what to focus your time on by either fixing those issues or turning off the alerts. So there's the somewhat detailed blueprint for our ticketing. I'd love to hear your comments, questions, and concerns as well as any tips regarding syncing devices/configs, especially for billing purposes.
  9. There is a built in feature in the CWA Script engine. @Gavsto has a great blog post on useful functions for logged in users, including sending a broadcast message to them. (You can import his script, but be aware that it's several different functions listed one after another. Copy the particular function that you want and paste it into a new script.) https://www.gavsto.com/running-programs-scripts-as-a-logged-in-user-in-a-labtech-automate-script/ Squatting Dog also has a custom message box that you can use. It's pre-built and gives you a couple of unique options that the default doesn't offer. Pick your pony and have at it.
  10. Patch 10 has been added (and the link is finally working on CW's website)
  11. I'm on Patch 9 and I can confirm that I'm able to use 7z just fine. I actually used it quite a bit over the weekend.
  12. It's passed the two week mark and there are no signs of any major bug or flaws, so I'm going to go ahead and greenlight it.
  13. Good to hear. They've had several stable patches recently, with one (albeit pretty major) hiccup in patch 8.
  14. Added patch 9 to the original post. Like always, please post any issues you run into so we can all be aware of potential problems.
  15. There is no true separation between clients in Automate, especially if you want to give them script and monitor access. This would be a big mistake in my opinion and I'm pretty sure this would not fly in any other industry. Imagine an accountant liking what a CPA firm is doing and so he starts asking for full access to their Quick books, forms that are pre-filled with other clients' information, etc.
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