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  1. Patch 10 has been added (and the link is finally working on CW's website)
  2. I'm on Patch 9 and I can confirm that I'm able to use 7z just fine. I actually used it quite a bit over the weekend.
  3. It's passed the two week mark and there are no signs of any major bug or flaws, so I'm going to go ahead and greenlight it.
  4. Good to hear. They've had several stable patches recently, with one (albeit pretty major) hiccup in patch 8.
  5. Added patch 9 to the original post. Like always, please post any issues you run into so we can all be aware of potential problems.
  6. There is no true separation between clients in Automate, especially if you want to give them script and monitor access. This would be a big mistake in my opinion and I'm pretty sure this would not fly in any other industry. Imagine an accountant liking what a CPA firm is doing and so he starts asking for full access to their Quick books, forms that are pre-filled with other clients' information, etc.
  7. Posting this here to reference it in the OP Agent Uninstaller Defect in 2019.8 and Pilot 2019.9CW Automate Staff have discovered a serious defect you need to be made aware of. Please read on. With an update to 2019.8, the Automate agent uninstaller incorrectly deletes files from an agent system based on the directory in which the agent was installed from. In most cases this is a temp directory or a downloads folder. However, after uncovering this defect through a reported partner's system, we have taken action immediately to correct, and we advise you do the same. If you have already updated to 2019.8, please take action. Here's What You Need To Do Today:Reinstall 2019.8 by downloading from the University here. Validate your 2019.8 update to the fixed version by logging in to your Control Center and accessing Help > About. You should see v19.0.225 (Patch 😎 listed for each component.As agents report in and update, their service version should reflect 190.225. Also - I feel like I should claim at least 1% of the responsibility for the bug because of the comment below. 😥
  8. Waking up to a love letter from @rookie. I knew today was going to be a good day. FYI - Rookie is a hidden gem in the MSP community. Slide into his slack DMs with an Automate related love offering and he's bound to return the favor. 😉
  9. Patch 8 has been added. I'm a little skeptical that there have been so many stable patches in a row. There has to be some major flaw that we just haven't found yet.
  10. Patch 7 added. Nothing too crazy in this patch. As usual please post any issues that you have with the new patch to inform those that might be experiencing (or want to avoid) the same problems. Thanks guys!
  11. I would recommend reinstalling the patch. Right click the patch and make sure that it's unblocked Then run the patch as admin and let it install again over the top of itself. I think that will probably fix your issue. I don't think this is a widespread issue with 2019.6, but I could be wrong. Please let me know if that doesn't work.
  12. Patch 6 has been added. Please post any bugs/issues that you might run into so that others are aware. There haven't been any widely reported bugs in recent releases. That either means that we're not reporting them enough or that CW is actually on a semi hot streak. We'll see how long it lasts.
  13. I usually combat that by telling them that it should be an out of the box feature and I shouldn't be penalized for creating something that should already exist.
  14. @timwiser Do you plan on sharing some highlights with us across the pond after the event? This sounds like a "meeting of the minds" with some CWA heavy hitters, so I'm positive there will be plenty of content we're missing out on.
  15. @j.light That was discussed in the Slack channel, but I don't see that in the official notes. I know that I don't have the ability to do that yet (that I can find), so I'm going to remove it from the feature list. I hadn't upgraded to that patch at the time I added the notes, so I wasn't able to test it. Sorry for the confusion.
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