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  1. Patch 2020.4 added You know the drill - Post any issues/problems you might have to keep us all in the loop. Thanks again everyone!
  2. @leebaxter I don't know if anyone has gotten with you on this, but we are in the same boat. We use SSO for the Web CC and we use DUO for the thick client (desktop CC). Google Auth would would work the same way. Let me know if you have any questions getting it set up and I'll be happy to work with you on it.
  3. Thanks for the update @maxgruv I've added Patch 2020.3 to the front page. Sorry, I'm a little late to the party on that front. Be sure to post any issues/bugs you might be experiencing to keep everyone updated and informed. Thanks guys!
  4. @ryno252 First let's see if email works at all in your Automate instance. Create a new script > Add a new function > Select 'Email' > add your email address with whatever subject/body text you want. Run the script on a machine and see if you get the email. If you don't get an email then either A.) You have an outlook/exchange/SPAM filter rule that's moving/deleting the email or B.) It's actually broken and you'll unfortunately have to wait for support. Don't be afraid to call them and prod them along. However if the email did go through, then it might be your account. Give this a shot: Create a new account > Make the account a super admin > make sure to add a valid email > use the new account creds to install the update. If successful, then you can delete the account.
  5. I haven't heard that one, yet. Thanks for the input @skyper. Let me investigate and see if I can find out how widespread that is.
  6. Thanks @dpltadmin - I added your comment to the 19.11 patch.
  7. @Xeno Hopefully you're already using the Report Center. It's been around for a few years now and is leagues ahead of the legacy reporting. The old Crystal reports looks like they were taken straight out of the 90s. If by chance you haven't moved to the new Report Center, then I would highly recommend looking through Gavin's site (https://www.gavsto.com/category/labtech/report-center/) In other news - I've added 2020.2 to the front page. As always, let us know when you run into issues so that everyone can be made aware and prepared. Thanks guys!
  8. The Solution Center is strictly for plugins/roles/scripts. Patching Automate itself is done on the actual Automate server, not within the application.
  9. You actually don't have a whole of say when it comes to patching when you're hosted. ConnectWise updates Hosted instances in clusters. If you haven't been upgraded yet, then I'm sure you will be soon. This is mostly for on-prem instances (though hosted clients should still benefit from seeing the potential bugs in each patch)
  10. That sounds like a terrible situation. Others may have a better idea, but here's how I would handle it (I'll attach screenshots below): Patch Manager: Follow the screenshot, but here's why I selected what I did. Script runs in the early morning, so I unchecked Monday because that's Sunday night and still the weekend, however I kept Friday checked because that's Thursday night, which is still during the week. I went ahead and unchecked the First and Last week to make certain that the first and last few days of the month are left alone. The most important piece is the script before patching. It's going to check if it's a holiday (based on the dates you give it) and then make sure you check to cancel the patch job if the script fails because it's going to intentionally fail if it's a holiday. Holiday Script: Set an alert or create an auto generated ticket at the beginning (or really end) of each year and make sure that you've got the dates right. You can also add or remove holidays, just make sure you're setting the holiday based on the date format Month/Day/Year (don't add zeros to single digits in the date). Script will fail if it's a holiday which will cancel the patch job for that night. Script XML for uploading to your server (You can find it under Scripts > Dev Scripts): Holiday Check.xml Adjust accordingly and feel free to hit me up in Slack if you have any questions. Good luck and happy patching!
  11. I think so. I think it calls the same command that's sent when you right click on the Control icon and select "disable" from the computer management screen. If it works from there, then it should work from the script too... but I'll verify that and get back with you.
  12. That's actually already baked into CWA in a script called Offboarding Maintenance > Agent > Offboarding
  13. Sorry for the spam on this back page, but I feel like this is the best way to keep the front page clean. The front page will have links to lead them directly to the year they are looking for. With that being said, it's 2020 and the 2020.1 patch has officially dropped as of yesterday (with a bit of confusion around it). I've heard some good and bad chatter about this patch, so it's more helpful than ever to post any problems that you might run into. Thanks guys!
  14. 2019: Patch 2019.12 ( Benefits/Features: New Web Health Dashboard Scripting "Running" tab actually works now Known Bugs/Issues: Patch 2019.11 ( Benefits/Features: Failed login lockout added More scripting visibility in the Web Several color coding changes Known Bugs/Issues: Support Session Viewer loading issues (source) (fixed in 2020.2) Patch 2019.10 ( Benefits/Features: Added Web functionality - More Pods/Fly-outs, Tool menu added including Command prompt, Create Companies, manage extensions Outlook and Backup tabs removed (as promised for several months) Known Bugs/Issues: Solution Center is not updating properly (workaround) Patch 2019.9 ( Benefits/Features: Again - adding more Web CC features AND ConnectWise Now updates Known Bugs/Issues: Patch 2019.8 ( Benefits/Features: A lot of Web CC updates - It's almost like they want the Web CC to replace the thick client /s Known Bugs/Issues: If you have this patch installed, then please make sure that you're on version There is a major bug in the agent uninstaller that you really don't want to be on the wrong side of in version .224. (source) Patch 2019.7 ( Benefits/Features: No major QoL improvements or changes. Several minor tweaks and bug fixes Known Bugs/Issues: Patch 2019.6 ( Benefits/Features: Port 3306 has officially been removed. Known Bugs/Issues: Patch 2019.5 ( Benefits/Features: Command Prompt/Powershell window access added to the Web CC. You can also toggle between running commands as system and as admin. ConnectWise Single Sign On is now live. Known Bugs/Issues: Patch 2019.4 ( Benefits/Features: The Control plugin's issues from the previous patch has been resolved allegedly Several Web CC updates (definitely worth checking out the official release notes) Known Bugs/Issues: Patch 2019.3 ( Benefits/Features: LDAP is finally here! (The old LDAP sync is like Jar Jar Binks, yes it existed but you're better off thinking it didn't) Known Bugs/Issues: Some are reporting an issue installing new CW Control agents via Automate after upgrading to this patch. (source) (fix) Patch 2019.2 ( Benefits/Features: This patch includes one of the most important features you can ask for... a server that will still be alive in a month. Known Bugs/Issues: Please consider all non major bugs posted here as secondary. You *must* upgrade to 2019.2 or at least install the hotfix for your current patch (12p11, 12p12, 2019.1) Non SuperAdmins having login issues after changing their passwords. Introduced in 12p12, but still a problem in 2019.2 (source) Patch 2019.1 ( Benefits/Features: New Versioning - This change was put in place to further mirror the rest of the ConnectWise Suite. To upgrade to this patch you must currently have a v12 patch installed. You should not attempt to upgrade from v11 or older without first moving to any of the patches listed here (preferably v12 patch 12) Known Bugs/Issues: was the original version released to the masses, but a newer version was pushed out shortly after. If you're installing or have installed this patch be sure that it ends in .38 not .35 .36 or .37 Seems like there might be a problem with the new network probe on this patch. (source + workaround)
  15. 2018: Patch 12.12 ( Benefits/Features: XP/2003 resurrected (if you are upgrading from patch 11, then you might need to reinstall the agent on these machines) You should really look into upgrading or dropping these machines. Time is not in your favor. Known Bugs/Issues: Non SuperAdmins having login issues after changing their passwords. (source) Patch 12.11 ( ***PLEASE READ BEFORE UPGRADING*** Server 2003 and XP machines will no longer be supported starting with this Patch. Tread carefully. All Agents must have .Net 3.5 installed prior to the update for the Watchdog Service (even if a newer version is currently installed) Benefits/Features: More updates to the Web CC and Gen 2 Probe Several bug fixes that have been plaguing CWA for awhile (including Opening the wrong Control session) Known Bugs/Issues: Server 2003 and XP machines will no longer be supported starting with this Patch. All Agents must have .Net 3.5 installed prior to the update for the Watchdog Service (even if a newer version is currently installed) Pulled and re-released by Connectwise Patch 12.10 ( (This is the first patch with heavily mixed reviews. The consensus seems to be that you should definitely update to this patch and deal with the potential CPU problems) Benefits/Features: The refresher bug has officially been patched. Reason enough to update to Patch 10 The Network Map is here! (and more importantly the Gen2 Probe) Thanks @MartynKeigher for all of your team's hard work getting this in place. (Click here to view several helpful Probe related links including a FAQ guide written by Martyn himself.) Known Bugs/Issues: Several people are reporting CPU problems which either manifests in MySQL or IIS Introduced a bug with the FileUpload script step. Will encounter a timeout when a parenthesis is present in the source/destination path/file name. (source) Patch 12.9 ( Benefits/Features: Nothing special, just a laundry list of bug fixes Known Bugs/Issues: Refreshing (token timeout) bug was not patched, but rumors point towards a fix in patch 10 Patch 12.8 ( Benefits/Features: Auth Anvil has returned (for you noobs that don't have Duo with YubiKeys 😉) Known Bugs/Issues: CC periodically fails to refresh forcing you to close and relaunch the CC (carryover from Patch 6) Patch 12.7 ( Benefits/Features: More Web Control Center upgrades Script Editor hotkeys - Ctrl + Left/Right to move between words and Alt + Up/Down to move between script steps Known Bugs/Issues: CC periodically fails to refresh forcing you to close and relaunch the CC (carryover from Patch 6) Potential navigation tree errors (i.e. script folders populate, but the scripts themselves do not). Closing and Reopening the CC seems to be the only workaround. (source) Patch 12.6 ( Benefits/Features: New Web Control Center improvements Known Bugs/Issues: CC periodically fails to refresh forcing you to close and relaunch the CC Several errors reported. Client and Agent windows are broken for some people. (source1) (source2) Do not install unless you need to be on this specific build Patch 12.5 ( Benefits/Features: Web Client Installation - The Web Control Center has officially been moved into Production Known Bugs/Issues: Uses the wrong MSI flags when upgrading to Patch 5 if URL Rewrite wasn't installed prior to updating. (source) Patch 12.4 ( Benefits/Features: More Patch Manager improvement for Windows 10 Machines Rest API config improvements SNMP improvements (small improvements to a BIG problem) Known Bugs/Issues: Control Center crashes seem to most prevalent in this version of Automate Patch 12.3 ( Benefits/Features: Patch Manager improvements for Windows 10 (1703 or later) Remote/Offline monitor improvements Known Bugs/Issues: Patch 12.2 ( Benefits/Features: Patch Manager improvements (Follows the Approve/Deny tables more effectively, improved 3rd party logging) Known Bugs/Issues: Script timeouts when running a large scripts or a bulk amount of scripts Report Center exception errors seem to be at their peak Patch 12.1 ( NOTE: This is the minimum patch for updating from Automate 11 Patch 19 Benefits/Features: The first stable Version 12 patch More Maintenance Mode options Better Plugin sorting Known Bugs/Issues: Patch 12.0 ( NOTE: You can only upgrade to this version from Automate 11 Patch 18 or older Benefits/Features: What's new in Automate 12 Known Bugs/Issues: There are significant issues with Remote Monitoring. This is a re-skin of Automate 11 Patch 18 which was one of the least stable patches of 11. Unless you have a legitimate reason for this specific version, then please consider at least upgrading to Patch 1
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