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  1. lgs141

    Computer Warranty Updater (HP/Dell/Lenovo)

    Heads up to anybody wanting to use the device API mapping fields in the Manage plugin - I had word in a ticket today that this field's sync is broken due to a known issue, it hasn't been turned off and should otherwise be working. I'm just waiting for the KI number to share it.
  2. lgs141

    Hyper-V host automated patching

    @tlphipps How do you configure your maintenance windows? We patch monthly so the built in Maintenance windows don't work for us as that only allows weekly scheduling.
  3. lgs141

    Microsoft OneDrive Sync

    @digitalmess @etaylor @grouchy.oscar I'm sure there's all sorts of better ways to handle it, but here's our current setup. Based off of this article, at the bottom you'll find an example of the output: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/rodneyviana/2017/06/06/powershell-cmdlet-to-check-onedrive-for-business-or-onedrive-personal-status/ 1. Save OneDriveLib.dll to Automate server transfer directory. https://github.com/rodneyviana/ODSyncService/tree/master/Binaries/PowerShell 2. Create Automate script. The PowerShell must be run in the logged-on user context.
  4. lgs141

    Hyper-V host automated patching

    We are also in a situation where VM outages due to Host patching causes false positive server offline tickets. I did start working on a pre patch script but could never work out how to finish it. The basic idea was to identify that the server was a host, then list all VMs against it, then set maintenance mode for each of them. If anybody has any suggestions I'm all ears!
  5. lgs141

    Microsoft OneDrive Sync

    I have implemented a very basic check that makes use of the OneDrive lib DLL file and powershell. Not at my desk but will share it later on today.
  6. lgs141

    How to automate C drive alerts

    What specifically do you want to achieve? There are a number of alerts/monitors enabled out of the box, such as disk space and drive error monitoring.
  7. Oddly enough the only affected scripts in our database is an out of the box script (Autofix Post Time), and another one is a Webroot monitor from the Webroot plugin. Neither have ever been modified by us 🤕
  8. lgs141

    Computer Warranty Updater (HP/Dell/Lenovo)

    Anybody else getting null content for the Dell $WarrantyInfoArray on the latest version? Fails because "-ServiceTag" is null. This is populated using the Get-Chunks function but we don't have enough Dell machines to warranty troubleshooting that part so I've just swapped it out to use the $ComputersMissingWarranty variable. Just a heads up in case somebody looks into it. Edit: And the Lenovo lookup is using -EndDate on line 348 but the parameter is -WarrantyEndDate. @marmfield that might have something to do with it
  9. lgs141

    Computer Warranty Updater (HP/Dell/Lenovo)

    Actually looks like it does state the line - 348.
  10. lgs141

    Computer Warranty Updater (HP/Dell/Lenovo)

    I'm not at a computer right now, but I'm sure I had the same issue and it was because either one on the parameters or variables (can't remember which one) was named EndDate instead of WarrantyEnd (or whatever it should have been). If you don't find it by the time I'm back I'll post an update with the affected line number.
  11. lgs141

    Computer Warranty Updater (HP/Dell/Lenovo)

    I'm experiencing the same problem. The Lenovo and Dell updaters work great though. @DarrenDK appreciate you've shared your personal script, but you around?
  12. I imported it. Just wasn't sure what the agentid was actually referring to.
  13. @DarrenWhite99 Are the references to "dba.agentid=75325" specific to your own query? I can't work out if that should be removed also.
  14. lgs141

    Domain Computers without Automate Agent

    This is a great idea! @DarrenWhite99 I downloaded v1.0.1, but it doesn't seem to limit the results to machines running Windows as the query results lists devices such as QNAPs. Should this be working out of the box?
  15. Automate Control Center v12 Webroot Window 10 1709 Build Don't have KB408588 installed.