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  1. @KyleChx I think @status@ gets set when the script is called by a monitor?
  2. If anyone is interested in Cisco making an Umbrella (OpenDNS) plugin for Automate, you can open a ticket with Umbrella Support (umbrella-support@cisco.com) and reference ticket #570130 which has an internal Feature Request ticket tied to it. Tell them the most important features you would want in it. I was told this is the only way to up-vote a feature request.
  3. A few more suggestions... simple stuff but maybe worth mentioning: Schedule a security audit by a third party. This is kind of a sub-point to an existing one, but audit and limit administrative accounts. Just because everyone in the room is an "admin", doesn't mean they all have to be your admin. Those that do, need admin accounts apart from their normal ones. Have your security vendors review your policies as new features/recommendations don't always get implemented after release.
  4. Nice work and thanks for sharing! Still up for enhancement suggestions? 1) Right-click software names to add to an Ignore List. 2) Original Computer & New Computer fields as dropdowns or autocomplete fields
  5. I agree in principle, although I would be easily convinced to delete CAB files over X months old if there isn't enough disk space left to split them, which is what I'm seeing on the computer I'm testing this on. That said, the script works great so thanks! This same PC didn't have any temp CAB files, so the monitor didn't trigger though the 6GB CBS log was present. I'm guessing in the low disk space condition, another temp file cleaner came along with a band-aid. If it were to be improved I would check for the big CAB files too, and delete if disk space was too low to split, but I'll leave as-is for now. Thanks again.
  6. Has anyone gone through this for Trend Micro WFBS-Services? I deleted a couple generic ones that were being detected ("Trend Micro Corp II") and now the one I want is being detected ("Trend Micro WFBSS 64 Bit") but it says "Service Not Running" even though all the services are running.
  7. Hi Darren, We come across this a lot so I expect this will help our techs save time, so thanks for creating this. I've only ever seen it on Windows 7, so do you target Windows 7 computers to run this on? Also, when we manually fix them we're just blowing away the big CBS files and the temp cab* files. I assume there's value to splitting and compressing rather than just deleting?
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