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  1. Turns out the alerts were from a very old script that was running, which was trying to connect macromedia.com. Removed the script from production fixed the issue.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm refreshing this post to see if anyone can help. Thank you, Chad
  3. Hi Darren, These are RMM alerts. I'm still working with support but no solution yet. Any ideas? Chad
  4. Hi Everyone, I did some searching but I’m not having much luck finding a solution to this. We’re getting alerts with the following; Example: Failed to download install_flash_player_ax.exe on ............. The alerts are coming from Windows 7 up to Windows 10. For Windows 8 and up, you cannot install Flash because it’s managed by Windows. Does anyone have any suggestions on a fix? Chad
  5. Hi Everyone, Does anyone have the virus scan settings for Norton 360? The defiinition in Automate is not correct and I won't have access to the system in question for several days. Thank you, Chad
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