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  1. We have hade the exact dame issue...but of course we are the only one in the whole world whit this problem.....
  2. Outside WAN port scanner and firewall rule review....
  3. Hi Suddenly we start to get emails like below this Xmas weekend. no changes or updates of the our server has been done. Any tips on what is can be or where to search? This monitor has an issue with the query that has rendered it unavailable at this time. Please validate that the SQL Query is functional and that the monitor can display information by reviewing the results on the Query Results Tab.Reply to this email to create a new ticket.
  4. Hi! Did anyone have a solutions to Rapid Recovery 6 ? I need this....
  5. Hi I have serach but not found it in the forum.... I have a powershell script that deletes logfiles on a Exchang 2016 server. But how do I import this script i Automate and runnit on the server. I have tried running it thru TaskSched on the server but it not always work, and then the disk is full and then Exchange dont process incoming email.
  6. We have the excat same problem And the Swedish support says that we are the only one in Sweden whit tiss issue....
  7. Patch 12 is a performace patch what I have heard...
  8. Hi My end customer wants a link/menu in the Automate agent icon tray that sends mail to the internal IT depart. And also keep ours "Creat Service Ticket" that is in by default. I have tried to and a new menu, but can't get the link to email to work. Any ideas?Please help me!
  9. Can they just be transferd or how will that work ?
  10. Hi Has anybode tips and tricks on how to search for sensitive data on clients. I thinking of GDPR, social security numb, passport ID etc etc. Can it be done whit the Automate agent....? Or tips for any other applications that can run on the network.
  11. We use Sophos, and they are coming wiht a plug in very soon.
  12. To much tickets from automate to manage...? We have a seperate serviceboard for automate tickets.
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