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  1. thomasp

    Network Probe detecting second IP address

    That is a problem of the new network probe, still having issues with multi-NIC's in a server. Probably the IP of the VMware host is also not listed in the Network Devices, as it is not being detected at all. And this should be the case, because when listed you are able to use the Virtualization Tab in order to check if the credentials work. We also have this issue, with still a whole bunch of our ESX hosts. I've got about 40 hosts showing up fine, without issues for weeks. However the rest, whatever I do, no luck. Enabling ARP scanning, what you'll read should do the trick, also doesn't repair this. CW is aware of this, and they are searching for a fix (update of the probe)
  2. Hi there, As a Labtech (Connectwise Automate) enthusiast I am looking into arranging a getting together (meeting) in the Netherlands (where I live and work). Or maybe in Belgium or Germany, depening on where the most of you are coming from. A getting together in which we can exchange ideas, or dive deeper into a specific topic. I know a lot of you fellow LTgeeks live in the US / UK / Australia, therefore seeking fellow LTgeeks in the surrounding of the Netherlands. Please reply or PM me, if you are interested Greets, Thomas
  3. thomasp

    labtech monitor disabled

    Then you have a not working query ! Use this tool in the CC : https://www.plugins4automate.com/products/sql-query-analyzer You can run and view your query, see if the query is giving an error. Or in CC go to the "Internal Monitors", and see which monitor is DISABLED, disabled by CWA itself because of the SQL query not functioning. In the Internal Monitor you can also view and build the query, to see what happens
  4. thomasp

    Automate, slow?

    I can say that the Patch12 has defenitely brought big improvements, as the CC has become much faster and snappier. Also we are Cloud hosted, and we CW migrated us from W2008R2 to W2016 server, and this also improved a lot. The CC hangs have really disappeared for us, just occasionally be still have some performance issues.
  5. Are you using the new Network Probe ? Gen2 ? There are detection issues with this. Assuming that you are using a HP server / Dell server ? We have this issue with multiple clients, randomly missing ESXi hosts. CW support is working on this......
  6. thomasp

    Get list of Computers over 5 years old

    What we use to monitor this, is to use the BIOS date. When BIOS updates are not done on workstations, than this is at the best way to do this.
  7. thomasp

    APC SmartConnect Plugin

    I asked APC support, and they have comfirmed that the SmartConnect functionality does not work with the APC NIC's which are placed in a Smart Slot. Cloud Port (Green Port): Features: UPS Monitoring,Firmware Update & lifecycle management from anywhere to ensure UPS’s are in working order when needed Management Card Port: Features: UPS Monitoring, Control and Configuration options from within the company firewall – no direct internet access. Supports network shutdown of physical and virtual infrastructure in conjunction with PCNS. APC claim to come up with a new NIC with 2 interfaces, 1 for the Green Port and 1 for the Management Card Port (in order to work with PCNS. For security reasons these ports will always be seperated
  8. It it working for me, not sure why it did not in the first place. Changed some of the parameters in a fixed value and leaving some as a parameter. A real nice looking script with a great output, helping us a lot !!
  9. thomasp

    SNMP Monitoring

    LT/CWA has no newer builtin templates which facilitate this. There are more threads on this forum, which show OID information which can be used to improbe the detection templates. It really comes down to figure out which OID you need to retrieve in order for the detection templates to do a good recognition of a network device.
  10. thomasp

    APC SmartConnect Plugin

    I have figured it out guys. Labtech detects if an UPS is SmartConnect compatible by scanning the MAC address. The probe detection template / tree is not used. The cloud feature has it's own ethernet jack painted in green with a cloud icon on the back of the unit. To avoid using the cloud, leave it unplugged. The AP963x cards have their own ethernet jack. UPSes that have an embedded version of the card will have ethernet jacks that aren't painted green. The Cloud feature can not be used with the additional AP NIC cards ! The APC SmartConnect plugin scan's for MAC adresses of this specific GREEN ethernet port, these APC devices are also separate APC devices as you can order a SmartUPS750VA with OR without the SmartConnect functionality Therefore I think this plugin quite useless when you manage a lot of APC UPS devices with the separate AP NIC.
  11. Is this mostly on Windows 10 devices ? As the LT service is not very fond of hibernation, and Windows 10 by default uses Hiberboot. Which we monitor, and if active, we automatically set this to disable. Hence a lot of these issues are solved
  12. Apparently ConnectWise Automate has issues with the @variablename@ in this Powershell script, as when replacing these with the actual values the PowerShell script works. And wow, what a nice output. Anyone have any ideas why this error appears ??
  13. I really like this idea. I have imported and testing, yet without the mailing piece. However I get some errors in the powershell : At C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\005bad98b86d4a43a3a5b85e0891dc8d.ps1:10 char:100 + ... ng] $folderSizeFilterMinSize = (@folderSizeFilterMinSizeinMB@*1024*10 ... + ~ Unrecognized token in source text. At C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\005bad98b86d4a43a3a5b85e0891dc8d.ps1:10 char:100 + ... ng] $folderSizeFilterMinSize = (@folderSizeFilterMinSizeinMB@*1024*10 ... + ~ Unexpected token '@' in expression or statement. At C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\005bad98b86d4a43a3a5b85e0891dc8d.ps1:10 char:100 + ... ong] $folderSizeFilterMinSize = (@folderSizeFilterMinSizeinMB@*1024*1 ... + ~ Missing closing ')' in expression. At C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\005bad98b86d4a43a3a5b85e0891dc8d.ps1:10 char:100 + ... ong] $folderSizeFilterMinSize = (@folderSizeFilterMinSizeinMB@*1024*1 ... + ~ Missing ')' in function parameter list. At C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\005bad98b86d4a43a3a5b85e0891dc8d.ps1:10 char:111 + ... $folderSizeFilterMinSize = (@folderSizeFilterMinSizeinMB@*1024*1024), + ~ Unexpected token ')' in expression or statement. At C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\005bad98b86d4a43a3a5b85e0891dc8d.ps1:12 char:5 + ) + ~ Unexpected token ')' in expression or statement. At C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\005bad98b86d4a43a3a5b85e0891dc8d.ps1:10 char:72 + ... ong] $folderSizeFilterMinSize = (@folderSizeFilterMinSizeinMB@*1024*1 ... + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The splatting operator '@' cannot be used to reference variables in an expression. '@folderSizeFilterMinSizeinMB' can b e used only as an argument to a command. To reference variables in an expression use '$folderSizeFilterMinSizeinMB'. + CategoryInfo : ParserError: (:) [], ParentContainsErrorRecordException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : UnrecognizedToken
  14. thomasp

    Enable Data Collection on Group Monitors

    And the data collection info is only updates once every 30 minutes. Didn't know that, asking myself why the new collection info was not showing....... Hence info from the Documentation : Data collection monitors collect data based on the interval time and then updates the Data Collector tab with the data collected, every 30 minutes. Every night during daily maintenance, the data is cleared out and the average is added to the h_agentdatadaily, h_agentdataweekly and h_agentdatamonthly tables, which in turn populates the sensors on the Data Collector tab. A history of the last 90 daily averages is kept in the database.
  15. thomasp

    DHCP Scope Monitoring

    Indeed what Darren suggest, you can even attach this to a EDF in which you specify the % that you would want to monitor Or you can use the registry on the DHCP server itself, to change the value 0f 80% The reg key is named "DhcpAlertPercentage" and is of type REG_DWORD. You can create it under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesDhcpserverParameters.