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  1. Ok, sorry for the dumb questions but I've got it now. How do people generally run this? Can I just schedule it to run once on a client? I guess what I am getting at is the corresponding script, Agent Monitor Creation - Disk*, looks like it runs another script to delete the monitor night and re-create it. Do I have to do something similar with this one?
  2. Well, let me step back a second. How do I import this XML? Is it System > General > XML Expansion?
  3. Thank you. I was hoping to find something built in that's a little less complicated. So far, this solution is probably the most viable: https://www.labtechgeek.com/topic/3962-monitoring-disk-space-adding-disk-percentage-monitors-to-agents/ Can I ask for a quick How-To on how to implement this? I have the script imported. Would I just run this to monitor my clients? The way I am splitting my business up is just 24x7 and 8x5 support so I am trying to just create monitors, scripts, etc that run on those group and then schedule what I want at various intervals to increase security, redundancy, etc. Plus, I am looking at info for all my clients, servers and workstations. Right now the way I have it working is 3 Internal Monitors to report to me by email when drive space is < 100 gig, < 50 gig, and < 10 gig. But these check the database, from my understanding, and so are not real-time. Hence the reason I'm looking for something else and all my questions.
  4. Greetings, I'm looking for some input from the experts. I've got internal monitors that alerts me when the space is below certain thresholds. But since these check the database, its not really real-time monitoring. So I am wondering if someone could direct me on if this is possible with Remote Monitors? I've looked at it the Monitor Wizard but I don't see a clear cut way of doing what I am looking to accomplish. Any input is appreciated and thank you in advance.
  5. Yeah, that's what I figured and pretty much exactly what I ended up doing with PS.
  6. So I'm looking to bounce an idea off everyone here since I am still learning Automate. I've got a couple system where I have noticed the LTSvcMon and LTService stop running. I have to manually start them or restart the OS. I assume it indicative of a problem with something else, like the HDD or it needed a clean install. Anyways, since the services stopped I figured I'd just script the services to stop/start once a day through Task Scheduler. I assume this isn't something I could take care of through Automate, is it? If the services are randomly stopped I assume the script won't run. Is that the correct assumption? Otherwise, I will just do a script locally and use Task Scheduler.
  7. Greetings, I've got 2 clients I noticed last night where the Labtech services stopped and I could only start them by accessing the client directly. Checking the lterrors file it had an error that it couldn't reach my site. Where I am going with this is I am wondering, what is everyone else doing in the wild for services that have stopped? Is anyone scheduling a script to reboot them, lets says, once a week? One of my clients has a HDD failing so it'll have a new one this weekend. And there may be something going on with the other one I just haven't found yet. But, I wanted to see what everyone else is doing or if this is just moreso an indication of something with my clients.
  8. Sooooo..... I'm hoping someone is watching the thread and can provide some help. I'm new to Automate of only a few month into using it and trying to add what I can do for customers and potential customers. I've imported it (it didn't say LT XML Extension, just XML Extension) But where is the Script Editor? If I look at Scripts under the Tree should I be looking for a specific one?
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