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  1. rorymcdonald

    Issue with Product Keys Script

    Yeah it's an annoying one, no clue what that line is pointing to specifically, but some assistance from another member of this group would be highly appreciated
  2. rorymcdonald

    Issue with Product Keys Script

    Hey there Guys, Not sure if anyone else is getting the same issue, but some computers that we manage fail to comply with the get product keys script, which is updated to the latest version. After going through the logs, I can see that the computers are failing on this line specifically: SET: @ProductKeyExists@ = MATCH(@ProductKeyData@ PATTERN \(\d+,\s'[^']+',\s'[^']+',\s'[^']+',\s'[^']+',\s\d+\)) If anyone can give me any leads as to what this is that'd be great. Thanks