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  1. vgarza

    Computer Warranty Updater (HP/Dell/Lenovo)

    Hello guys, Does anyone know how to get the information for Apple products?
  2. vgarza

    Computer Warranty Updater (HP/Dell/Lenovo)

    Well, I was working with my list and I got this error message: Update-MissingHPWarranties -HPAPIKey "TyI6keB5L14YfiYjXWmx0XExavKZJDAf" -HPAPISecret "z0VOHaEwkcg0FUUt" Invoke-RestMethod : {"fault":{"faultstring":"Rate limit quota violation. Quota limit exceeded. Identifier : 9536adec-74c9-460d-95ce-e2e3ae995276","detail":{"errorcode":"policies.ratelimit.QuotaViolation"}}} At line:67 char:20 + $JobResponse = Invoke-RestMethod -Method Post -body ($HPSNs | ConvertTo-Json ... + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (System.Net.HttpWebRequest:HttpWebRequest) [Invoke-RestMethod], WebException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : WebCmdletWebResponseException,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.InvokeRestMethodCommand PS C:\Users\vgarza> I will make a research, if someone already resolved this, I will appreciate the help.
  3. vgarza

    Computer Warranty Updater (HP/Dell/Lenovo)

    Yes, it works, but I had to reduce to 100 items.
  4. There was an error loading the report data for report id 81 (NAME MISSING): 0: An assembly with the same simple name 'ReportCenterPlugin, Version=2.0.12000.10, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null has already been imported. Try removing on of the references or sing them to enable side-by-side.' What I did is a view on the DB, I create a Report from Template (Computer Base), I added my view in the data source and I made the relationship. In the ReportHeader SubReport, I changed the report source url to my HeaderReportLandscape. Does someone knows something about this error? Thanks in advance.
  5. vgarza

    Computer Warranty Updater (HP/Dell/Lenovo)

    Thanks for this script, it works great. I notice that in the beginning the script always failed on the same function (Update-MissingHPWarranties). The HP JobResponse estimatedTime was 20296 for 1000 workstations. I reduced the number with a LIMIT on the SQL and then I realize that we have some items with a blank SN, I am not sure if that breaks the script under Update-MissingHPWarranties but I put a filter in the SQL query. This was my final SQL query: $HPComputers = get-Labtechdata -query "select BiosVer from computers where biosmfg like 'h%p%' and (warrantyend = 0 or assetdate = 0) AND BiosVer != '' LIMIT 200" I add these entry to know more about the time: After the JobResponse: Write-Output "HP JobResponse estimatedTime: $JobDelay JobID: $JobID" After Assert-LabtechQuery: Write-Output "UPDATE: '$($_.sn)' WarrantyEnd='$($_.endDate.SubString(0,10))', AssetDate='$($_.startDate.SubString(0,10))' " I am not sure if the blank items break the function or were a timeout for too many items. I leave it with 200 items at the moment. Thanks again for this script and this is my little apportation.
  6. I need to check if a software is installed, but this software is installed as current user. If I run the clasic "if software installed", it does not detect it. Do you know any clue how to detect this software? Thanks in advance.
  7. vgarza

    Event Logs Table and Carrier Return

    Dear Darren, I am sorry for the delay in my answer. The query is this: SELECT CONCAT('<PRE>',REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(`eventlogs`.`Message`,'\0','<AAA>'),'\r','<BBB>'),'\n','<NNN>'),'\r\n','<RRRNNN>'),'</PRE>') AS `message` FROM `eventlogs` LIMIT 1000; I do not find any match. That tell me that there are not any \0, \r,\n or \n\r. Thanks in advance.
  8. vgarza

    Event Logs Table and Carrier Return

    Dear Darren, I appreciate so much your comments. I worked with your examples but there is no difference. Your example gave me an idea. Replace any character \0, \r, \n or \r\n by anything else in the Database (Not in Report Center). This to know if those characters are presents in the DB, there are not any of these on the DB. I run this query: REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(`v_bt_eventlogs_prevday`.`Message`,'\0','<NULL>'),'\r','<RRR>'),'<NNN>','<RRRNNN>') I did not see any replace match on the output. That's mean the DB does not have any of these special characters. If someone knows something different about this, please, let me know. Any comment will be great. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello Foro, I hope all are well. I had been searching how to insert the carry return on the report but I had tried too many things that I am not sure if it is possible. You are my last resource. I am working on the Event Log table, the message field. I need to create a report for some events Ids and display the message. Some security messages have too many lines and the problem is that it is difficult to read because there is not Carry return, the report itself it could not help too much because it will be difficult to read in this format. I would like to insert the original carry return on the message. I am using the REPLACE function with a Calculated Field and I tried with \r \n and it does not work. If I replace any string with other it works, but I am not sure if there is some kind of symbol in the message field to be replaced with a carrier return. Do you know if this is possible? If there is a way to find the CR in the message field? Or if you know if there is a CR in that field? It will help me a lot!. Thanks in advance!!!.
  10. vgarza

    Dataview Creator on v12

    Hello, Does someone knows if can I install/run the data view creator on v12?
  11. I found the solution for this questions. I had to reinstall the Screenconnect. It gives me the option to open an SSH redirector.
  12. Hello Forum, In the past, we use Kaseya with CW and the executive reports works well. We configure the source in connectwise under the company section, Management tab. There is a field named Managed ID wherein Kaseya we put *.name-of-the-company. My question is, in Automate, how this works? I made a research in the SQL tables and in the config table, the computer_name for labtech is only the computer without any way to make a filter. A co-worker read that we need to put the "C" plus the company ID, something like this: C45 but when I tried to generate a report, in the patches section does not show the information and in the log of the CW (setup tables -> Company->Management), it shows something like this: "03:10:58: ManagedItSync - The following Kaseya groups have no companies associated with them in ConnectWise. Configurations for the managed machines of these groups have not been created: 03:10:58: ManagedItSync - root.unnamed" I wonder if I need to specify in CW that the source of the management it should be lab-tech? if this is the case, where can I do this? I hope to I had explained myself, thanks in advance.
  13. Hello Forum, I have a MAC, and I tried to use an ssh redirector but the redirector icon is disabled and when I made a right click it shows me this error "There is currently no tunnel open for this computer". I wonder If I need to do something or someone can tell me what is wrong? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hello Foro, I am working with patches. I found a server 2008 R2 with a missing patch: KB4041083 2017-09 Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework 3.5.1, 4.5.2, 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.7 on Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 for x64 (KB4041083) I download that patch from Microsoft page: http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Home.aspx When I check the file, there are 4 files, When I tried to install them, 2 of them are already installed and 2 no apply. I wonder how to fix this in LT? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hello Foro, I notice that when the server goes offline a new ticket was opened but once the server comes online the ticket remains open. We do not integrate with Connect Wise Manage yet, I check this in LT Tickets. When I check the monitors (Internal Monitors), "LT Offline Servers" in the status tab, the servers in the tickets are not there and when I check the Agent is online. I checked the Service Plans.Windows Servers.Managed 24x7 Group, the Monitor is Enabled and with Autofix Action Server Offline Script. I wonder what am I missing? Thanks in advance.