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  1. I am looking to make a script that would allow me to create a user profile without having to log into the machine. Does anyone have experience with the power-shell command that would do this?
  2. Thanks, here is what the Automate command ended up looking like: net user @U-Name@ @U-Pass@ /add /fullname:"@U-Fullname@"
  3. I have a script that creates a local admin user on a computer. When I run the script I have a box that I put in the user name and a box I put the password in. I would like to add to that script to include a box for the users full name. Currently after creating the user I need need to go to Computer Management and add the users full name otherwise it displays their user name when they sign in. Has anyone made a script like this before?
  4. Hey DarrenWhite99. Thanks for the follow-up. Could you provide me with a link? Sorry but I couldn't find it. Thanks!
  5. Hello. The bundle does not include the Manual Domain Join. Could you post that as well? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I am still learning LabTech. I have made a script to delete temp files and I would like it to run when a disk is at 95% full. Could anyone point me in the right direction on how to do this with a monitor? Thanks!
  7. Hello, I am making a script to change registry values. The built in function for Registry set Value had a section for dword but I need to input as decimal and not Hexidecimal. note: This is for port forwarding and I do not know if the default hexi will work. Any ideas? see the follwoign for what I need: HKEY LOCAL MACHINE/SOFTWARE/WOW3264/INTERPLAT SOLUTIONS/ECRASH/COMMUNICATIONS:Transmit Port The "data" needs to be a decimal number. thanks guys and gals!
  8. I have been working on this on and off and I am able to disable (HA!) UAC using PowerShell in windows 10 as admin. However, when I use a script in LabTech "Powershell as Admin" with the command as: New-ItemProperty -Path HKLM:Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\system -Name EnableLUA -PropertyType DWord -Value 0 -Force it does not work,. any ideas? Thanks!
  9. Hey guys, I was able to get this to work, Thanks for all of your input!
  10. Hey guys and gals, I just need some help on executing a PowerShell cmd as a script to disable UAC. I am sure its my context but could use some help . I want the script to disable UAC completely for easy onboarding. I know the PowerShell command for this is: Set-ItemProperty -Path “HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System” -Name “EnableLUA” -Value “0” but so far when I try to do this is by creating a new script for powershell run as admin nothing happens. any help would be appreciated!
  11. Hello I need to make a script to reconnect a mapped drive on a server after reboot. Currently when the system is rebooted there is a red X on the drive letter, "P". which prevents a drive dependent program from launching on startup. Could some help me with this? Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks guys, I was able to get a script going to install multi programs as needed for deployment. Thanks!
  13. Could someone provide me with an example or link on how to run multiple install scripts? I have search and I am not totally sure what to look for as I am new to LabTech. I have made a few install scripts for some of our programs(office 365, Sentinel one, etc.) and would like to be able to install them in one go. If you could point me in the right direction or provide an example that would be great! Thanks again
  14. That makes sense. Thanks, for the quick response! I will see what I can find and thanks again!
  15. Hello all, I had a question, Is it possible to install multiple programs with a single script? (chrome, firefox, adobe reader, etc.) If so, does anyone have any examples or tips? Thanks in advance!
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