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  1. Does anybody have info on what is required to get a chart working in Report Designer? I've tried digging into the executive summary report but am having trouble making sense of how these charts pull data and display.
  2. I'm trying to create a simple report that only runs for a specific client and has 3 pieces of information for each computer. Computer Friendly Name, version of Google Chrome, and version of Zoom. Is there a way in the Report Designer to allow this instead of giving me a list of all installed software?
  3. I've been tasked with taking the Dataviews > Veeam Backup > Jobs info and exporting to CSV and then emailing. I need the following fields - Client, Backup Server, Name, Status, Last Run, and Next Run from the dataview. I've seen a few forums saying this requires running SQL commands. At the very least if anyone has some documentation to point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Is it possible for me to pass parameters from a LT script to a powershell script? For example, if I had a powershell script that uses Connect-MsolService would there be a way to to enter email/password into LT parameters so they are passed to the powershell script after Connect-MsolService runs?
  5. Having issues using a script to open a file on the current user of a workstation. I've tried using batch and powershell commands, copying batch files from server to a folder and executing, and executing process. Anything I'm missing? Path is C:\Program Files\OneNoteGem\NoteGem2016\GemFixx64.exe It works if i manually run the batch file on the users desktop so not entirely sure why the script doesn't work.
  6. One of our organizations has an issue where sometimes their default photo viewer stops working and says TWINUI. Is there a way to write a script to push out that would change the default photo viewer to Windows Photo Viewer?
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