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  1. You need to add a line in your script: Function: Variable Set Set Type: Constant Parameter: Computer ID number of your LT server Variable Name: computerid This changes the machine you are running the next lines of script on, to your LT server. Then you can run 'del "address of file on LT server" Shell command on the next line of script, to delete the file from the LTShare.
  2. Open the agent that you want to add the monitor to in Automate. Go to Monitors. Create Monitor via Wizard. Monitor the results of an executable. Add the above command in Darren's post, to Executable / Arguments field, and change 'Adobe Acrobat Update Task' to the name of your scheduled task. Comparison Function should be 'Equals'. Compare result against: should be "Last Result: 0" (without the quotes, but include the spaces (to verify this is correct, run schtasks /query /tn "YOUR TASK NAME HERE" /v /fo LIST | find "Last Result:" via command prompt on the device first, and copy/paste the result if it doesn't look the same as what I have put there)). Run through the rest of the wizard configuring your alerts etc. That should do the trick.
  3. Sorry, we have an on-prem setup, so I am unsure of how to implement this for cloud based. I do have hands on experience with the plugin though, and it is very simple to use, but its simplicity may not suit your needs, as the information it returns is fairly basic. It will tell you what computers are connected to what printers, as suggested in post 1, but the info you need for your report in post 5 looks to be beyond what it will produce
  4. Have you tried Printer Status free plugin? It will list all printers attached to a PC https://www.plugins4automate.com/products/printer-status
  5. Works like a charm now @DarrenWhite99 Many thanks!
  6. Tried this in a remote monitor, but the result suggests the pipe is an invalid argument. Very strange, as running that command directly on the server returns the result without issue. Any idea why that would happen?
  7. Did you ever get any response on this? I have exactly the same issue
  8. I've worked this out, so no need to reply @Gavsto
  9. @Gavsto any chance you could share your process / files please?
  10. Bit late to the party on this one, but works a treat! Thanks for the script @rami 👌
  11. I have a few machines that do not require antivirus. They constantly show in the Antivirus Dashboard as 'Virus Scanner None Found', as you'd expect. My question is, does anyone know of a way to exclude a machine from appearing in the Antivirus Dashboard, or if it is even possible? Cheers
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