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    Blank Scheduled Scripts view

    Did you ever get any response on this? I have exactly the same issue
  2. kkevgreen

    AV Dashboard Exclusions

    I've worked this out, so no need to reply @Gavsto
  3. kkevgreen

    AV Dashboard Exclusions

    I have a few machines that do not require antivirus. They constantly show in the Antivirus Dashboard as 'Virus Scanner None Found', as you'd expect. My question is, does anyone know of a way to exclude a machine from appearing in the Antivirus Dashboard, or if it is even possible? Cheers
  4. kkevgreen

    AV Dashboard Exclusions

    @Gavsto any chance you could share your process / files please?
  5. kkevgreen

    Computer Online Monitor

    Bit late to the party on this one, but works a treat! Thanks for the script @rami 👌
  6. Does anyone have a working AV Definition configuration for ESET Endpoint Antivirus on a Mac? I have tried a few combinations today, but can't get it working. I found a post from 2013, which mentioned LT Support had informed it was not possible to monitor AV on OSX, but it was a long time ago now, so hoping that has been resolved! Below is what I have tried. Thanks Kev
  7. kkevgreen

    AV Definition for ESET on OSX

    Not sure if this will be of interest / use to anyone else, but I managed to get this working with the configs below. Just add / edit the configs in System Dashboard > Config > Configurations > Virus Scan (but you probably already know that!). Update the config, then the System Info on any Macs that have either of these ESET versions installed, and it should report as installed and running once the commands complete.
  8. @DarrenWhite99 YOU DA MAN! 🙂 Working now! Thank you
  9. Wish I'd thought of that! Seriously though, this is how I have the monitor set up on a Service Plan Group: Result as follows: Name: Windows(R), ServerStandard edition Description: Windows(R) Operating System, OEM_COA_NSLP channel Partial Product Key: 2GXCG License Status: Licensed Any ideas?
  10. kkevgreen

    Office purge and replace with 365 script

    Thanks @kelliott
  11. kkevgreen

    Office purge and replace with 365 script

    Anyone ever seen an issue with removing Office 2010 Home & Business with this? I can't get it to remove that version no matter what I do! Debugging sees the script get to the powershell command to remove it, but it doesn't manage to remove it. It's driving me nuts!
  12. Scott I've been using this free plugin for a while now. Gives you all the information you would require. https://squattingdog.net/labtech-plugin-browser-versions/
  13. Thanks! Nice monitor. Slight problem for me though. PCs work well, but all servers report Warning state. Any ideas?
  14. kkevgreen

    Eset 6 and 7 AV Definitions

    Should that Version Mask not be... ^(eea7\.*)
  15. kkevgreen

    Show Group Memberships

    Thanks! 👍
  16. kkevgreen

    Show Group Memberships

    Anybody know how to show what groups a computer is a member of, in Automate? I remember in Labtech, you could do this from the Tools, Tasks & Groups tab in the computer management screen, but that seems to have been removed in Automate. Thanks!
  17. Hi All First post so go easy on me! I have a LOT of service monitors showing in System Monitors, that say they have failed because the service they are monitoring is missing. The problem is, I have checked, and these services are actually present, and running, and when I run a test from the monitor configuration window, it returns a pass rather than a fail. I've attached a screen shot. Has anyone seen this before, or are there any suggestion as to what may be wrong? Thanks in advance!
  18. kkevgreen

    Different Domain For DC

    I'm trying to run a script on some domain controllers at different clients, and it is not working. The reason it isn't working, is that it uses the %domain% variable in the script, but the domain it is calling, is different to the domain for other servers/computers because it is a DC. This seems to be the case for ALL DC's that we are monitoring, and the issue is that Labtech is adding 'DC:' to the beginning of the domain name. Check the screen shot to see what I mean. Anyone come across this before, and know a way to stop it? Cheers
  19. kkevgreen

    Different Domain For DC

    Enhanced Shell works like a charm! Thank you!
  20. kkevgreen

    Exchange Backpressure

    Hi Greg This is something that I have been looking for, so thanks for posting. I'm not sure how to set it all up though. Would it be possible for you to provide some more detailed info on how you did it? Many thanks! Kev
  21. kkevgreen

    Service Monitor False Positives

    Yeah, I'm running V12, and it's definitely still an issue. I'd be interested to hear what they say about it, if they get back to you though!
  22. Hi All I am trying to run a Computer Audit report, but I'm getting the following error. Anyone experienced this before? Cheers
  23. kkevgreen

    Computer Audit Report Error

    Worked this one out. Turns out that the report had become corrupt. Created a new one from the default templates and working now.
  24. kkevgreen

    Service Monitor False Positives

    Thanks Darren. Not had a chance to try the solution yet, but I will get to it and let you know the results