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  1. I tried the first line in PowerShell and it's returning an error, can you explain what the two commands do and how to use? Thanks
  2. Wanted to get a topic started for this CVE. Looks like this one will only apply to Server 2019 and Windows 10. Patching the Windows 10 workstations is less of a priority, since the exploit appears to simply force a BSOD and doesn't greatly affect security. Anyone know of a way to check this patch by registry? I tested the workaround, and it sounds like it may be safe to run the workaround against all interfaces. If that's the case I can automate it without getting too fancy, I'll just run the command line by line for say int 1-50 or something, (see below). So I'm looking for a way to che
  3. This is what I have setup now, two remote monitors.
  4. From the SysAdmin sub Reddit, it seems there may be an easier way to check for this update by checking if a registry key exists (and maybe check what it's set to). I myself was confused about the cumulative updates which is why I searched. More info: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/answers/questions/79348/netlogon-secure-channel-cve-2020-1472-clarificatio.html
  5. This one used to work, then stopped working, and ConnectWise wouldn't help or say why it stopped working. We are hosted with CW. This line just comes from the built in Offboarding script. Would really like a solution where web users can retire offline agents and we can automate the removal of offline agents.
  6. So far, the Windows 7 machines I've done already had the updates. And the commands seem pretty strait forward, seems scriptable. I would say the hang ups would be the activation ID, which is mostly standard, but I had one that differed. And the check process to verify that ESU is licensed. I'd like to script the check part alone so I can keep track of what computers have ESU applied in our system.
  7. Old post, but wondering if CW changed something. The "call sp_DeleteComputer" doesn't seem to work anymore. Its used in the last line of the offboarding script, but that script doesnt run against offline computers, and if I changed it to it would be "Custom" and not supported directly from CW.
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