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  1. Hi All, I've been trying to get this working. I copied down the script and EDF exactly and the script works well except that it doesn't check the box for Bitlocker Enabled. I get the correct output for the TPM check, and the recovery key. I was hoping to be able to run a report against the EDF Bitlocker Enabled checkbox to see if it was true or false. Is there an easier way to run a report against a location to see which have bitlocker enabled or not?
  2. Thanks for your responses. I think @DarrenWhite99 is correct with his assessment of my situation as my account as a super-admin can access them fine but these users having issues are non-admins. I'll have to do some more testing to confirm but I'll probably be in the same boat opening a ticket to dev and referencing the existing one.
  3. I have a few users that are unable to "Browse Screenshot" for the computers they have access to, including their own, in Automate. They are able to send the command, and I believe it takes the screenshot but they're not able to view the screenshots after the fact. They were able to use this feature up until a few updates past and we've been chasing this access item for a while. Where would this access be restricted?
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