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  1. D'oh! Your (@TestAgent) is a group that you use for testing.
  2. Like this? AND Computers.ClientID NOT IN (93,33) AND Computers.LocationID NOT IN (240,157) #AND Computers.ComputerID IN (SELECT computerID FROM TCOMP) AND Computers.ComputerID NOT IN (Select ComputerID from AgentIgnore Where AgentID=@InternalMonitorIDNumber)
  3. Hi Darren, I am working to reduce the number of tickets we get for 'Webroot 3 - Stale Agent' and believe some of our agents are on systems that hang out in standby most of the time. Your monitor could bring the number down, however, two of our clients would not like it if we changed their power plans. Do you know of a way to apply or not apply a specific monitor to a client or location? I don't want to create a service plan, as I would have to adjust all of the monitors manually. Thank you.
  4. @JBarnesCMC Thank you for the suggestion. How does your script improve the test?
  5. Hello Darren. Can your script or monitor be modified to identify duplicate agents? I need to recover some licenses.
  6. Hello Tim. We just added Warranty Looker Upper and need to get accurate warranty information into our network assessment / on-boarding report. Has anyone been able to use your plug-in to pull data via Report Designer? Thank you, -Paul
  7. Hi @Griznuq and @DarrenWhite99 Some machines that were off-boarded when they were offline have come back to haunt us. I already have an EDF at the computer level, deep in the Extra Data Fields tile. I need to do a few things and I hope someone can help. The stock off-boarding script does not remove ScreenConnect every time. Does anyone have an off-boarding script that does not continue until ScreenConnect is really gone? Is there a way to place an EDF or a note in a highly visible place on the Computer Management screen? Our techs won't see a drop-down that's under the Extra Data Fields tile.
  8. Thank you for your theory. I will share this idea with the AV SME from Automate support when s/he contacts me.
  9. Investigating an issue that we are seeing on a number of workstations at two clients. After scanning and cleaning with MBAM 1.80, Malwarebytes is re-flagging the registry string where REG_DWORD is UpdatesDisableNotify and value flips back from 0 to 1 after the full scan and clean. I ran REVO uninstaller and did not find remnants of old AV programs. It's difficult to believe that multiple machines at two clients have rootkits or other stealthy infections. What could be flipping the value back to 1?
  10. Has anyone removed or hidden their Quick Links section on the Web Control Center login page? We would like to allow a prospective client to access the Client Portal and don't want the downloads section to be available to them. I'm searching in the documentation and haven't found a way to remove the Quick Links from the home page, as you see it prior to logging in.
  11. In Continuum Patch Policy, they have failure notifications in the form of tickets. It can generate ticket for patch failures after x days out of compliance and I believe this is their way of tracking recent patching failures. Is there a built-in function like this in Automate 11 or, has anyone made something like this?
  12. It's possible to integrate Datto monitoring in the on-premises Automate, per the article linked below. Has anyone fouind a way to monitor Datto devices in the ConnectWise cloud? https://kb.datto.com/hc/en-us/articles/211591023-Integration-with-Datto-LabTech
  13. I just joined an MSP as the Automate administrator and they want a monitor that will open a ticket and close it when someone logs onto a specific server as an administrator. I know that Automate detects the last user ID to log on. Any ideas?
  14. I will be starting in a new role as an L2 MSP Help Desk engineer and LabTech Administrator and taking the company from Continuum to LabTech - Automate 11. They want to configure most of the moving parts before they throw the switch. Their PSA is ConnectWise Manage. They are particularly concerned with prioritizing monitors and alerts, minimizing unwanted tickets and critical alerts through MMS or SMS. I do not currently have an active login with ConnectWise and need to refresh my knowledge. I did 25 hours of study with LabTech 10.5, administered patching and worked with monitors, alerts and the LabTech plug-in in ConnectWise. Any tips, links, gotchas and order of operations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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