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  1. I've set this up as @emscokenny suggested and getting a failure. "failed in the Then section at step 15. The reason: SQL Execute failed processing query". Any ideas? Were you able to get this going @dfc?
  2. I got around this. Didn't realize I needed to create a view with the query. Got that done thru sqlyog. Thanks for sharing the query.
  3. Hi @adrianc2014 would you be able to provide some more details on how you have this report set up? I am having the same issue you first mentioned even using between 2 and 4. I am pretty new to building reports so I am probably missing something. I made a data source but if I do custom query I haven't been able to do all the code that you provided on the one line. If I do the data source the other way then I chose eventlogs as the source and then next to where sql I put "Source='shadowprotectspx' AND EventID BETWEEN '2' AND '4'". Included columns I selected ComputerID and TimeGen. It shows the same info across all clients.
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