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  1. Unrelated LT support had me change the number of concurrent scripts we can run. after that, I reran this (removed and readded) it seems to have worked for 99%. Perhaps I was asking for the plugin to push too much through a coffee stirrer when it needed a hose. I did get an email with an error Error: 72 : The given key was not present in the dictionary. what does that mean? thank you
  2. Hi when the script downloads it does not seem to extract. when you run the command on a desktop it splashes a winzip dialog, could that be causing issues with the script? Any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks
  3. I opened a ticket and while working with them we discovered that sometimes when the manage-bde command runs in the command window as system it gets an out of storage error, obviously not always as most are detected correctly. running it as admin, or having the labtech service run as admin resolves the issue. they opened a bug report based on the fact it happens in the command window.
  4. I figured that would be an issue but in the test case i found there were two volumes and they both were enabled. where would logging be of when the mange-bde ran from the role detection?
  5. Hi I have some machines that got the role but now say detected false. running manage-bde on the machines shows that Bitlocker is installed and working correctly. Any thoughts? I also wonder if we have two disks and one is protected and one is not how will it behave? thanks
  6. I think on step 2. I have sql spy open and it seemed to be checking the status of pending commands for hours afterwards. at some point automate closed because it was open for 12 hours. I dont think anything else would be running that check command for so many agents. I probably should not have done step 3 until i knew 2 was complete. does that make sense?
  7. I am talented it seems if you add a location after you set up the user it does not add it. when I started testing your (fabulous) add in we didn't have everyone in there (we were and still are migrating from kaseya). I worked around it by removing the user and readding it. that seems to have started the process but I don't think it completed. The OU's were created and the usernames defined in automate as default for the location but users were not created in AD. note this was run on 577 locations.
  8. Hi Is there a way to mass add the accounts to all locations? I mostly want the service account more than the user accounts. thanks
  9. Thanks. The PS line is in the script before it is copied to the netlogon so it is the same for everyone. write file is more elegant. I am moving from kaseya and still learning the script steps. The auto link thought was to help in moving a couple hundred clients, not for new individual setups but your point is valid. thanks for your help.
  10. Thanks I believe the EXE does not accept location id as a command line argument. I used the MSI and setup a powershell replace command to replace a dummy variable I put in the .bat file with the actual location ID. The file looks right. I ran it on a location I will see if it deploys. The script does not link the GPO. You have another script for that or do you prefer to do that manually?
  11. Protectors gets the recovery key. it does not verify its encrypted.
  12. Hi I have a question in the agent download LTDownload: ../Deployment.aspx?PROBE=1&ID=%locationid% it does not seem to download. navigating to the URL manually works only when I am logged into to web control center. Otherwise, I get access denied. CW support says this is how it should work. Am I missing something? thanks
  13. Hi I edited this to remove the spaces and new line in the EDF. if it would be helpful to anyone the code is manage-bde -protectors c: -get |select-string -Pattern '([0-9]{6}-){7}[0-9]{6}' | %{$_.tostring().trim(' `r `n ')}
  14. would the users need admin rights to their desktop? I think user gpo's run as the user vs computer scripts that run higher. I would be happy if the GPO would dump everyone in one 'temp' location and then have a something that runs on the server that would move them based on subnet. kaseya calls that naming policies. I wonder if that would be easier (or if its even possible)
  15. I think the OU would need to have the computers in it. I have an OU with users but not computers. Does that make sense?
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