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  1. Kevin Carbonaro

    Grafana and Labtech on the cloud

    Hi, By any chance does anyone have Grafana connected to Labtech DB or know how it can be done? Tks, Kevin
  2. Kevin Carbonaro

    [SOLVED] utorrent uninstallation script - need help on last bit

    I tried the normal ones but did not work either, however managed to get it working using the Registry Delete Key. The uninstall/removal process is as follows: Notice the trailing backslash at the end of the Delete Registry line. Once I added that, the key was deleted successfully.
  3. Kevin Carbonaro

    [SOLVED] utorrent uninstallation script - need help on last bit

    I am almost sure I tried those as well, but will again in case I missed something and let you know the outcome. Thanks
  4. I am trying to automatically uninstall utorrent, however it's own uninstaller is leaving registry stuff behind, one of them being its entry in the add/remove list in Windows. Automate will still detect it as being installed even though it is not there anymore. My script does the following: Shell Enhanced: taskkill /IM utorrent.exe /F Shell Enahnced: "c:\users\%ComputerUsername%\appdata\roaming\utorrent\utorrent.exe" /UNINSTALL /S The registry key I need to remove is under HKCU: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\uTorrent On the physical machine running cmd as admin I tested successfully reg delete and Powershell, however the same commands in a labtech script will not delete the key and its sub-keys. The Powershell as admin script command I tried: Remove-Item -Path HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\uTorrent -Recurse The Registry Delete Key command I tried: reg delete HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\uTorrent /F Any ideas of how I can remove the registry key? Attached the current status of the script in case you need to test. Uninstall uTorrent.xml
  5. Kevin Carbonaro

    Autojoin Search for Servers Excluding a specific Group

    That sounds like probably the best option in this case and being able to modify them with a script would be a plus as well. This way I can avoid having to modify monitors whenever I need an exclusion. Thanks, Kevin
  6. I have two groups A and B. I would like to have Group A have an Autojoin Search for All Servers excluding any Servers which I would have manually added to Group B. Although I can easily get a search working for all servers, I could not find a condition in the Search Editor to exclude any servers from Group B. If the above is not possible and you know of a workaround I would appreciate it if you can share it? Thanks, Kevin
  7. Kevin Carbonaro

    Dashing on LabTech (as a Plugin)

    I went through the docs on grafana website and seems to be quite easy to use. After a bit of testing I am guessing that labtech hosted environments do not allow accessing the database remotely for security reasons.
  8. Kevin Carbonaro

    Dashing on LabTech (as a Plugin)

    Tried Grafana, however after a whole 5 hours could not manage to connect to the labtech database. We have hosted labtech and MFA enabled. I tried disabling temporarily MFA but still no-go. I used the details such as server url/ip, port, username and password as the ones used to connect from the client application. These details are entered in a MySQL datasource. Any tips as probably I am missing something important. Thanks in advance.
  9. Kevin Carbonaro

    Dashing on LabTech (as a Plugin)

    Thanks kspooner for your reply. Much appreciated! Will try it out.
  10. Kevin Carbonaro

    Dashing on LabTech (as a Plugin)

    I have an issue with installing this plugin. I ran the installer from my computer which installed the plugin in Automate. In the system dashboard I have a new Dashing Tab but noticed that server status is Failed Install of Server (attached image). Is there some way to identify why it is failing?