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  1. Kevin Carbonaro

    Autojoin Search for Servers Excluding a specific Group

    That sounds like probably the best option in this case and being able to modify them with a script would be a plus as well. This way I can avoid having to modify monitors whenever I need an exclusion. Thanks, Kevin
  2. I have two groups A and B. I would like to have Group A have an Autojoin Search for All Servers excluding any Servers which I would have manually added to Group B. Although I can easily get a search working for all servers, I could not find a condition in the Search Editor to exclude any servers from Group B. If the above is not possible and you know of a workaround I would appreciate it if you can share it? Thanks, Kevin
  3. Kevin Carbonaro

    Dashing on LabTech (as a Plugin)

    I went through the docs on grafana website and seems to be quite easy to use. After a bit of testing I am guessing that labtech hosted environments do not allow accessing the database remotely for security reasons.
  4. Kevin Carbonaro

    Dashing on LabTech (as a Plugin)

    Tried Grafana, however after a whole 5 hours could not manage to connect to the labtech database. We have hosted labtech and MFA enabled. I tried disabling temporarily MFA but still no-go. I used the details such as server url/ip, port, username and password as the ones used to connect from the client application. These details are entered in a MySQL datasource. Any tips as probably I am missing something important. Thanks in advance.
  5. Kevin Carbonaro

    Dashing on LabTech (as a Plugin)

    Thanks kspooner for your reply. Much appreciated! Will try it out.
  6. Kevin Carbonaro

    Dashing on LabTech (as a Plugin)

    I have an issue with installing this plugin. I ran the installer from my computer which installed the plugin in Automate. In the system dashboard I have a new Dashing Tab but noticed that server status is Failed Install of Server (attached image). Is there some way to identify why it is failing?