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  1. Hello all, Currently we have our LT - Offline Server monitor generating tickets when a server shows offline, the with a workflow within ConnectWise Manage we get sent text messages & emails alerting us. This becomes very annoying when an entire location goes offline and we get roughly 20-30 server offline texts/emails. I've attempted to do some research in how to make the Offline Server Monitor check to see if the Offline Location monitor is triggered for that location and if so, not send out notifications for the offline servers. With this I've seen some suggestions to add an "Additional Condition" to the LT - Offline Servers monitor; however no one has specifically mentioned what to add. Unfortunately I am not a SQL export and do not know what Syntax to use for something like that. Can someone point us in the right direction and give us an example of what they used to accomplish this?
  2. @drode Would you be willing to share what you did to make it work? We've been having issues with SSDs failure SMART Monitors and affecting our Health Reports, so a solution would be greatly appreciated
  3. I know this post is older and honestly I haven't downloaded the .zip and looked at it yet, but I have a question. How do you verify that Windows is not already activated? My team has been trying to figure out a way to search for non-activated machines at our clients but the only thing we could think of was searching for a specific event ID. However the problem with that is if that event has triggered just once in the past, even if it's currently activated, it shows that PC in the search. How do we do a more accurate search for non-activated Windows devices?
  4. Simply put, is it possible to generate a dataview or search that displays the number of patches a computer is missing. (For all computers at a client/location). I don't want it display what patches are missing, I basically just want it to display something like this: Hostname Number of patches missing computerA 3
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