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  1. Thanks @DarrenWhite99 I have a call with Labtech support later this week so I'll be sure to bring that up.
  2. @MetaMSP Yep I am already having that talk with our account manager and trying (unsuccessfully so far) to spin it as a positive for them. I want to have Automate, Manage and Control all behind a load balancer. I have done plenty of Master/Slave on unix but not windows, but unix is another thing that is in no way supported unfortunately. vMotion is already configured but it doesn't help for patching downtime. @DarrenWhite99 we are just off 10,000 currently. 8 CPU's, 36GB RAM, HDD are all on enterprise grade SSD storage with unlimited IOPs.
  3. Hi, I am currently looking for a way to make our Labtech instance more robust and ensure up-time as we are now using it on a 24/7/365 basis. I am currently looking to build out a new environment where the Labtech service is split out over 2-3 servers to try an improve the performance but it doesn't really help with up-time as if I need to patch one of them it will still take everything down. Does anyone have a current setup that has any redundancy built into it? Ideally I would like to have the Database in a clustered environment and then 2 front end servers (App/IIS) behind a load balancer. I have been in contact with Support and our account manager only to be told that there is no support for this and haven't had much luck finding any recent posts here or any other site for people running a High Availability setup. Fortunately I have access to a test environment so if you don't have anything currently setup but have some good ideas to do this let me know and I will add it to the list of things I want to try. Cheers, Axle
  4. @eburger If you are still after an answer, I asked my Account manager this last week and the reply back was that there is no support at all. No just for the database but as a whole.