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  1. https://github.com/opendns/Deploy-Scripts/tree/master/Labtech
  2. Here is the latest update, as of just a few minutes ago. Looks like we are up a creek without a paddle right now
  3. They have been working on ours, but nothing has resolved it as of yet.
  4. I know this is a late reply, but if you are using the Webroot plugin, you can configure auto-deploy once you have the plugin linked with your Webroot portal. I can't help you with LogMeIn as we are using Screen Connect.
  5. I fixed my typo above. Thanks for noticing. I got an update from Automate, finally. Quoted Below I asked them to push it out today.
  6. I initially had it set for the 12 hour period and it wouldn't follow the window at all. The only way I can get the time frame I need is to manually set it each day. I'll update if/when Automate responds to my ticket.
  7. Since I may be the only person with this issue, I figured I'd share an update. Automate stated that they are getting more and more reports of this being an issue. For now, the only workaround is to manually set maintenance mode. I'll update if/when the issue is resolved.
  8. TL:DR - I really need help setting up a maintenance window that will span over midnight and will actually work at suppressing scripts and alerts. This is in reference to suppressing LT-Offline server alerts over night for a select group of servers. We have a few servers at our various clients that are turned off at night and over weekends to help save the client money with Azure. I created a new maintenance window for this group and assigned (what I thought) were some very easy/obvious maintenance frames to this window that started at a certain time at night, ran for a designated amount of hours, then would turn off in the morning. For testing, I created a short 15 minute maintenance frame (that did not overlap with the other frames) just to verify the right servers were going into maintenance mode against the group. This seemed to work appropriately. For reference, I had the maintenance frames set every day between 7pm and 7am (720 minutes). Not 1440 like I originally typed. Thanks for noticing my typo. Come the first night, I got the notifications that the servers went offline when they were scheduled to be turned off as if the maintenance window was not even set. The servers were not showing to be in maintenance mode. Manually set it on the servers and that worked for the remainder of the night. I made some adjustments the second night. I changed it to go from 7pm to 12am, then from 12am to 7am. This night, I did not get the offline notification until midnight. Back to the drawing board. The next night I attempted to make sure the times were not overlapped. I set it to 7pm to 11:59pm and kept the morning the same. Calls came in at the same time as if nothing had changed. As a temporary workaround, I have been manually setting maintenance mode against the servers for the same time frame, which has been working quite well. However, I do not want to be manually setting maintenance mode every night manually. Anyone have any experience with this? Why would manually setting maintenance mode work over night but not in the maintenance window/frames? What could I be possibly missing? As another FYI, we are still in the onboarding process with Automate and my initial setup was said that it should have been working from our meetings with them. I have a ticket with Automate that has not been addressed yet. I apologize if this was discussed already, but I could not find anything doing a forum search.
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