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  1. Figured it out. I used the IControlCentre interface to create a dataset from a view in order to populate a ComboBox. As soon as I granted users "Select" permissions to that view on MySQL it worked. So PICNIC... problem in chair not in computer.
  2. I've implemented an IMenu interface, which simply displays a windows form. All users can see the interface in the "Tools" menu of control centre. However, normal users cannot open the interface; nothing happens. Users with "System Admin" can open it. I've tried reverse engineering the Report Centre plugin, that appears to implement the IMenu2 interface. I've tried that with no luck as well. Anyone got any ideas? Is there a way to set permissions on the interface? I need to load a custom form, and not on a per client or per computer basis, which I think effectively rules out the ICustomMenu interface as well.
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