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  1. Jaffer Mohammed

    Add Agent DNS Servers field to Dataviews

    As Always @DarrenWhite99 you are the best man! Unsure where you got your skills from, but when you die "give me your brain" lol
  2. Jaffer Mohammed

    Automating Domain Join

    I get the same error @darrenwhite99
  3. Jaffer Mohammed

    Labtech deployment tool

    @tsimmons1987 wondering if you found any solution for this.
  4. Jaffer Mohammed

    Contribution :Trend Micro WFBS Services Removal

    @DarrenWhite99 I was wondering how to get this script to Run, I have downloaded the zip file, extracted the files do I have to run SA_Uninstall_1384.exe? or run the XML file, if yes I don't know how to do it can you please guide me.