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  1. We had already done that with 2003 like I noted above, as sadly we still had a couple, so yes just used NOT LIKE '%server 200%' and similar for XP through 7. Since I'm posting, re: my comment above about empty patching tabs, we've seen multiple problems since last fall, basically either: 1) patching tab is completely empty 2) patching tab only has old patches 3) patching tab only has some patches (often missing the non-Windows patches) In all cases restarting the agent and resending patches detects the full list. We've had a ticket open for several months, since in late December almost all our Win10 PCs got into this state one time or another. It has been more sporadic before and after that. And yes this is even for patches CWA had previously installed.
  2. We had not really created our own classes, but had several default ones possibly from as far back as 2009. So one person would be Power User, Admin, User, etc. I simplified that so I was only Super Admin and everyone else had one class with their permissions. On my PC it has stabilized the client quite a bit to the point that I'm not closing and reopening every few days. It is also faster to open. Prior to that the symptoms we'd seen were the client inexplicably slowing down, crashing, and occasionally parts wouldn't load right like the menu would be incomplete, and we'd close and reopen to fix.
  3. Thought I'd try it. Imported the SQL before looking, and we don't have that group so CWA decided to create the remote monitor on group 706, Script Control.Computers that need Office updating disabled which is a custom group. (and I'm aware CWA can do that with imports, should have remembered earlier) It's the last group in the mastergroups table. Possibly it's assuming Ignite is installed? Our "Server Roles\Server Role - Windows DNS Servers" search is empty (no PCs) as well.
  4. Use Process Execute script function on the two commands I posted.
  5. In BDGZ portal, go to Packages, check that client's package. Click Download Links. Click Installation Links. Copy the Windows Downloader URL and download it on the target PC (yes it needs the long name).
  6. Have not really seen that. Sometimes if a competing product can't be automatically uninstalled it can continue to fail...? Did you try downloading the stub installer from the BDGZ portal and see if it warns about anything?
  7. A few weeks back I saw a post on Reddit about using only 1 user class per user greatly speeds things up (particularly loading), and it seems to have made it far more stable on my PC. Otherwise if left running for multiple days it wouldn't necessarily crash but would get super slow until restarted, or stuff didn't work right. Meaning, if a user was Admin and Power User, and Power User is a subset of Admin, remove Power User. The log-out-after-24-hours is a setting somewhere, we had set it longer but still had to close out after several days per the above.
  8. If it helps these two commands will disable standby and hibernate (on AC power only) in whatever the current power plan is. %windir%\system32\powercfg.exe -change standby-timeout-ac 0 %windir%\system32\powercfg.exe -change hibernate-timeout-ac 0
  9. You're talking about just redeploying at company A? One can't move PCs in Bitdefender between companies so yeah deploying is probably your option. Or, just leave it. On the plus side auto deployment is pretty good/quick so you should be able to turn that on, uninstall/delete in BDGZ portal, run a resend system info and have the agent+plugin auto deploy.
  10. We don't use O365 (yet) but in our SMTP setup we installed the Windows SMTP server on the CWA server, configure it to allow relaying from localhost:25, and then configure it to send out to our Exchange server (or O365 or whatever) as a smart host. The 2020.2 patch release notes mention and link to https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Documentation/060/120/045, did you go through that? (note the Version radio button at the top of page)
  11. I can try the .zip install next time. Per the CW docs (link I posted) they only export/import the labtech database not mysql. So, nothing to mysql_upgrade? At least, the import should handle the data imported correct? I guess it won't hurt to run but it wasn't mentioned in the CWA docs. Given people have made so many posts and fixes for this issue (the other two links, plus more if you search online) I don't think it's inherent to CWA. In fact here is the MySQL bug report from 2012: https://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=67179 although that says it was fixed in 5.6.10. I was thinking about trying the MySQL install on a different PC just to see if the mysql tables are readable after the initial install, but hadn't gotten to it yet.
  12. just saw https://university.connectwise.com/university/pageview.aspx?short_name=solution-center-release-notes for Feb. 19: Windows 10 - Install Latest Feature Update Script Description: Per ticket #12813899, updated the Windows 10 - Install Latest Feature Update script to correct an issue that was preventing the script from executing successfully.
  13. "net localgroup administrators" will show the users in the local administrators group. Could potentially put that in an EDF and compare over time? We have searches for clients/locations who needed a specific local admin user. In the legacy search use Last Contact Date not= *'x' AND (computers.useraccounts NOT LIKE '%adminusername%') the * tells CWA to treat the rest of the text as raw SQL. It would work better with a more specific name (not "admin") since computers.useraccounts is either command or CRLF delimited (I don't recall).
  14. We had written our own script so I am not that familiar with CW's. However you should be able to run the setup program as the system user, which is the default for the agent service, instead of "run as admin".
  15. It's been a few years since this post. MySQL 5.7 is now "recommended." They've withdrawn support for MariaDB. Upgrade instructions are at https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Documentation/020/030/020. We had 5.6 so I figured I'd try it. I thought I was going swimmingly, but ran into some issues that I think were all due to the MySQL tables being installed in a corrupted manner: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15767652/mysql-error-table-mysql-innodb-table-stats-not-found https://www.tecklyfe.com/fix-mysql-table-mysql-plugin-doesnt-exist/ ...which references 5.6 but there is a page for recreating the 5.7 tables (http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mysql/mysql-server/5.7/view/head:/scripts/mysql_system_tables.sql). SQLyog would see the MySQL tables but only open some of them. Curious if anyone else has tried upgrading to 5.7? I seem to remember running into this issue (missing innodb_table_stats) with 5.6 somewhere before but vaguely think it was on Linux.
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