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  1. I just downloaded a .ps1 file to my PC from /Software/Transfer.
  2. What file type? I just downloaded a .vbs file to my PC fine. Thoughts: a/v blocking, file extension in IIS (e.g. ".config" files are blocked by default by IIS due to web.config, and other files that don't have a MIME type, IIRC).
  3. It depends on the a/v...for example for Norton we were able to use one definition over several years, until they changed the name of the definition file or engine or something that made it not match the definition anymore. Overall the a/v def looks for: process name, program (exe), and definition file (from which it gets the file date). If it changes but has a constant registry path you can use registry values, e.g. for Defender "{%-HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Signature Updates:SignatureLocation-%}\mpavdlta.vdm".
  4. The good news: in Extra Data Fields under Default there is a FriendlyName field that shows in the list of computers. bad news: that doesn't get used in monitors and the like.
  5. Dashboard/Management/Outdated also shows all such agents, and one can right click to Force Update. I just check it every so often, especially a few days after a patch. (and don't have that monitor)
  6. They broke it a while back but fixed it a month later, saying they still don't support XP/2003 and it may stop working in the future. 2019.9/190.250 works on XP. Even if you install an older agent I don't know how you can prevent it from upgrading?
  7. On domains we often use a domain startup script, something like: if exist %windir%\ltsvc\ltsvc.exe goto :SKIPAGENT copy "\\domain\netlogon\path\Agent_Install.exe" %windir%\temp call %windir%\temp\Agent_Install.exe /q /wait :SKIPAGENT Can also be done with ltsilent.exe copied from the probe PC to have the new install drop into that customer/location. Either way it's probably a good idea to update the agent installer from time to time. Does the MSI installer still leave an entry in add/remove programs? That always kinda bothered me. Can also download via PowerShell: powershell -command "& { (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('https://%LTServerHostname%/Labtech/Deployment.aspx', '%temp%\agent_install.exe') }" Generally the probe push has worked for us. Definitely not on workgroups as there is a bunch of setup required to run stuff over the network that domain admins/PCs already have. Probably 80-90% of the time on domains?
  8. It looks to me like the screen cap script step is using Shell to run a PowerShell command which isn't going to work. Try the PowerShell Command script function. We used msiexec.exe calling the various GUIDs in our system, e.g.: start /wait MsiExec.exe /X{0309AC01-330F-494C-B27D-58E297E4674F} /qn REBOOT=REALLYSUPRESS A search on that software using "related-software installed" with field "Uninstall" will show you the uninstall command line...ensure you use /x (uninstall) not /i (install). The command will "succeed" even if that program is not installed. I have read warnings previously about using "wmic product"...I emailed this to my staff a while ago about it: "The reason any command starting with "wmic product..." can take a long time is because for some silly reason it has Windows Installer run a "consistency check" a.k.a. "reconfiguration" on every installed product. So that could essentially mean a repair install, is run on any installed product where it thinks it is necessary, even if only one product is queried. It's been known to re-enable services, for example. " Take a look at the application event log when you run a wmic product command and you'll see what it touches.
  9. Are you talking about a scenario like you imported all clients but only some have Automate agents installed? I would just delete them...? We only import the clients that get Automate agents to begin with. Note we also don't have two-way syncing set up from Automate to Manage (due to a bug years ago where it was overwriting addresses in Manage) so we can just delete from Automate as needed.
  10. Try something like either ...and (Drives.DriveID NOT IN (3275,3276,3277,3332,5170)) or ...and (computers.computerid=3049 and Drives.VolumeName != 'name') With the correct drive ID (visible on Storage tab) or computer id and volume name of course.
  11. Interesting and thanks for the details. Does your comment still fit if Defender is "disabled" because the other a/v is installed? It seems like in that scenario Defender should still have a loer priority? The overnight redetection (resend config, reboot, agent restart, etc. doesn't seem to work) could be explained by an a/v update, although Bitdefender checks hourly.
  12. ...which can be done by right clicking the SC icon in the lower left of the Automate computer window.
  13. SQLyog has an open source edition: https://github.com/webyog/sqlyog-community/wiki/Downloads it does prompt to buy it when closing the program but unless something changed since v12.5 it's not required...?
  14. Are either your router or theirs blocking the connection for some reason (e.g. Snort/Suricata/IDS)? What does a traceroute show?
  15. It's "awaiting roadmap", though from a year ago: https://product.connectwise.com/communities/5/topics/9948-uninstall-solutions . I guess vote on it to encourage them?
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