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  1. I jumped in, to get it out of the way. They didn’t specifically say but I changed our template to upgrade the agent immediately, since they implied that would happen and said no commands would process if it didn’t. Good news is the patch went in fine. Bad news, about 10% of our agents dropped offline. I found on all of them stopping and starting ltservice service via CW control's remote command line got it to upgrade. Some logged connection errors in lterrors.txt which could be our upload being swamped. However they didn’t reconnect in a half hour. And, more than one logged a stream of errors like this: LTService v200.201 - 7/2/2020 11:47:45 PM - Proc Cmds7 ToInteger2 - Conversion from string "randomletters" to type 'Integer' is not valid.::: …many times per second. All that is before changing the system password. For anyone not aware, Dashboard/Management/Outdated is a great way to see old agent versions. Our one XP computer (ugh) needed the service restart but is connecting.
  2. Not sure how to do it in a monitor at the client's office (since that would require specific routing to the gateway), however, pfSense will send notifications of this and various other alerts such as reboot, update install, alias errors, etc. System/Advanced/Notifications. https://docs.netgate.com/pfsense/en/latest/book/config/advanced-notifications.html Note you shouldn't monitor the ISP router in the gateway settings because that router may be up but the connection down. I pick on Google and use on one and on the other since they have to be different.
  3. I guess, except this time they fixed a bug which prevent agents from picking up the password change, so you're supposed to rotate passwords after rolling out the new agent.
  4. There is one now... https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Documentation/070/260/050 "product team recommends the system password reset cycle is performed any time agent installers are suspected to have been attained by unintended parties" Well that explains why they broke the direct agent download URL. https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Supportability_Statements/Automate_Security_Release_July#On-Premi Patch 7 is out. Note the part about "The 2020.7 and the 2019.12 patches address issues that prevent agents from receiving the new system password after a reset was performed." So hopefully no one ran into that problem last month...
  5. Patch 7 is out. https://university.connectwise.com/university/pageview.aspx?short_name=patch-release-notes It says they are delaying security disclosure a week (July 9) to give everyone time to patch. Also that they won't patch 2020.1 to .6. The notes say "Complete the system password reset steps after you applied the patch and after your agents have been successfully updated." However the linked doc says nothing about having to update all existing agents first... Edit: I had stopped to read the release notes. The end of the email says "Both the 2020.7 and 2019.12 patches address issues that prevented agents from receiving the new system password after a reset was performed. Completing the password reset step after the patch is applied & agents have updated ensures agents receive the new information in case they are currently out of sync." So that probably affects anyone who changed their system password before now, especially in the last week or two.
  6. Per MS they are changing how FU deferral settings work: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/windows-it-pro-blog/simplified-windows-update-settings-for-end-users/ba-p/1497215 "The ability to remain on your current version until you choose to download and install the latest feature update or until approaching end of service is only possible when deferrals are not set for the device. ... For example, if you configure a feature update deferral of 365 days, you will be offered every feature update 365 days after it has been released. However, given that we release Windows 10 feature updates semi-annually, if you configure a feature update deferral of 365 days, your device will install a new feature update every six months, twice as often as an end user who has not configured any settings." Automate currently offers selections of a number of days, and "Do Nothing" which makes no change to whatever is configured on the PC. So it seems one must set "Do Nothing" and delete any such entries via a script. I created an enhancement request to add an option to remove the setting: https://product.connectwise.com/communities/5/topics/17874-ability-to-remove-windows-10-feature-update-deferral-option
  7. I don't do this much but I think the Console Shell function is what you'd want, to run as the logged in user...? Edit: or for a one-off, Commands/User's Desktop/Run A Program.
  8. After installing the second 2020.4 hotfix and also after installing 2020.5 and its hotfix, I get a blank page from https://fqdn/Labtech/Deployment.aspx. Support tells me: "...unfortunately the default agent installer is temporarily unavailable and can't be [used]. Our Dev team are aware of this issue and are working on a fix for this issue. The current work around is to use the custom agent installer instead for the moment." This could confuse agent reinstall scripts that pull the default agent?
  9. Alternately we look at the SP plugin table, so this works for SPX with the plugin installed: table: Software field:Name cond: Equals Result: StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX Identity:Name additional: Computers.LastContact > DATE_ADD(NOW(),INTERVAL -1 DAY) AND Computers.ComputerID NOT IN ( SELECT distinct H.computerid FROM `plugin_sc_spx_h_jobevents` H where H.`Finish` > DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL -7 DAY) )
  10. It bugs me to no end that the list of fields is different in the two types of searches...!
  11. CW has documentation to upgrade MySQL. Ensure you have a backup; I had trouble I think due to MySQL installer, and had to restore. IIRC 5.7 wasn't supported in 11, not sure when it was added. I've been told using the MySQL command line is way faster importing than using SQLyog, which took an hour or so to export our database and about 4-5x that to import.
  12. FWIW we use a monitor also but use a group, so we just add or remove the PC from the group. We have a similar setup for "PC is idle" if we're waiting to work on a PC. That only works for the first few days then the script is removed. It used to be 3 days, was intentionally cut down to a few hours by CW (a couple years ago), and has seemed to go back up to at least 24 hours. Not sure what the timer is currently.
  13. Interesting, I don't think I've noticed that. However usually either I'm changing the variable, or for Win10 FUs I copy the script and change the variable. The File Download function is supposed to be a dropdown listing the files on the server, but is editable. Perhaps if the step is set to a file that doesn't exist (yet) it gets confused? Could it be anything else besides a bad filename, like something interrupting the connection on a large download? Does it not start or does it start and error out later?
  14. I believe the parameter is case sensitive, but may be wrong. I've always used the same case. Try a simple Script Log Message function to log @TimetoRun@ to ensure it's being set properly. When I created a scheduled task I just used schtasks.exe so no PowerShell.
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