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  1. SkyKnightHammer

    Manage and monitor computers in mass for Power Plan settings, ETC

    Short term: Set power plan on all Non-laptop workstations with any service plan applied. Set it once and then change something (variable I can search against, remove it from Group) to see all agents that have yet to take the change so I can manually intervene. Also have an EDF to exclude it. Long term: Have multiple plans and apply them depending on time of day. Find a way to create "Searches" with custom SQL queries. Thank you for your quick reply Gavsto.
  2. Hello, Starting from this great Thread. I am looking at ways to manage computers power plan settings. I tested the scripts from that thread and they generally all worked out of the box I think they were built pre version 12 so I did have to make changes to 1 script line once imported to Automate. My question is on how best to manage when those scripts get applied. I would like to do an AutoJoin Search Group but talking with CW support they say there is no way to use custom SQL Queries as part of Automates "Search" function. What options do I have for creating custom "searches" or creating something equivalent that I can put schedules against? My Background: I've worked with Automate for 5 years in a support role I'm now shifting my focus to Automate Development and am so happy to find this community.
  3. SkyKnightHammer

    Startup Programs

    What about for Windows 7?