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  1. I love this plugin! I just wish I can separate certain creds (domain admin vs helpdesk Pws) that would be awesome
  2. Randleman

    Office patching

    Hi all, Curious on what everyone else's patching policy is for office patching. I got a few clients that are having issues because of not receiving them and want to enable all for them. But other sites have plugins that im sure will probably work still but that IF chance that is restricting me on doing that. Thoughts and reasons on either side? Thanks as always
  3. Randleman

    Finding Disk Monitors

    So if I do copy and rename, do I clear the schedule run for the old one and schedule the new one? or is that done elsewhere?
  4. Randleman

    Disk space monitor

    Worked like a charm, thank you!
  5. Hi all, Happy Friday, I am looking to try and exclude a certain disk drive letter "W" from the internal monitor. The problem is I have the "W" drive on other servers as well that I wish to remained monitored. Is there a good way to simply disable alerting on that letter for a SINGLE server? Please let me know! =D
  6. Randleman

    Adding a trusted site help???

    Hello all! Has anyone found a way to add a trusted site through Automate? I know it is possible using a batch file but I wanted to see if possible by using a script. Please let me know! Thanks!
  7. Randleman

    Alert When Agent Is Online

    Hello all, I actually used this as a great way to do PC management in having this alert me when a user powers on a spare machine which can help me assign the proper contacts to which machine, I have it going to my dispatch board which we then have a procedure to take the spare out of a spare location and put it in the right location. I am using the no check-in within X days to help me determine if a machine may be a spare. I removed several lines to only alert if the machine powers on and not to create "white noise" on the dispatch board. Great learning experience working on it though. - Let me know if you wish to learn more on how I did it, I will attach a flowchart (draw.io) if you wish to look at my thinking process Monitor flow(1).xml
  8. Randleman

    Continuum removal script

    Thank you!!!!
  9. Randleman

    Continuum removal script

    Has anyone created or know of a successful offboarding script for removing continuum and LMI from a machine without tanking the uninstaller? Thanks!