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  1. Do you guys use a sharepoint site or share them from a users one drive folder? I'm trying to get this to work. I can download the file using the method you talked about but in the script it fails the download.
  2. I put this in the wrong section. I thought i was in the scripts section when i posted.
  3. Hey everyone. I've been looking through the forums to see if i can find something to help me out on this. I have looked at several posts about installing exe files, but i havent found anything about from a shared drive. Has anyone created any scripts like this? I have a software installed on one of my clients servers, and the folder is shared out with the workstation installer in it. I also have a file in it i created to make it a silent install. So i would like to create a script that calls the exe from the network share whenever i need to install the software. If anyone could point me to any older posts that could help or if you have worked on something like this would be much appreciated.
  4. Hey Darren. I am very new to scripting in automate, but i am trying to use your script. The main thing i want is for this to set a local admin if it is not set or check/change the password if it is not correct. Most of our clients are part of a domain so the default login as is set as that domain account. Is there a way to still use the cached username/password and have it set? We were not using that field, but i did set it for my test computer. I am getting the cache username or password is missing or invalid. I guess my question is what do i need to setup to make this work, or will it?
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