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  1. I'm curious if there's a way to run a report in Automate or some sort of Dataview that would allow me to find server and workstation operating systems that may not be activated properly. Thanks
  2. We'd turned on ticketing in Automate a little while back - and by "we", I mean our resident know it all. He's now left the company and I can't figure out if there's a way to turn off alerts like TCP - DNS Port 53 globally or do I have to do this one at a time for each device. I don't see anything in the Effective Policy details that helps me.
  3. i just have a quick question and couldn't find the answer within the available Blue Prints on the Connectwise University site.. Attached is a screen grab of the policy settings when Daytime Patching is enabled. What is the purpose of the highlighted section. Initially i thought it was a "reboot" prompt, but I'm not entirely sure and want to make sure I add the relevant info to my policy. Thanks.
  4. Sorry if this is something I should know, but for some reason my customer noticed that one of their servers received KB4489882 update during this last weekend's patching but another server did not (both Server 2016 Standard x64). Each uses the same Approval Policy and this patch is approved. However one server attempted and installed the update while the other didn't attempt and, in fact, doesn't even have a patch history as it relates to this update. I have no idea what to tell them because it makes no sense to me. if the update is available and approved through the same approval policy
  5. I'm looking for some guidance. Currently our help desk users do not have access within Automate to right-click a device and select "Send to" from the menu. I'd asked my boss to give them permission to do so a couple months ago but, as of yet, it hasn't been done. I've looked at permissions, but I don't see where I'd add this for those users and, if i can, what else might this allow them access to? Thanks
  6. I'll give this a try. Thanks very much.
  7. Sorry, I did a search but didn't find what i needed. Does anyone have a script or some other automated process that could be run to purge/retire devices in Automate that haven't contacted the server in over XX amount of days?
  8. perfect. thank you. i completely missed the blank fields as I'd immediately started searching for Webroot configs below.
  9. is there a way to create a new config? i don't see an option to do so. my only options on screen are Refresh List, Clear, Save and Export Selected. Thanks.
  10. a few of our customers are still utilizing Windows Server 2003 (though we're trying to get those replaced) and for some reason Automate shows no Virus Scanner when viewing those servers. I was wondering if there was a way to "fix" this so that the Virus Scanner software is reported instead of just blank. Thanks
  11. is there a way to run an asset report for a specific location? Whenever i've run reports I can only run them based on the client. Many of my clients have multiple locations and the report is just a mess because i only need info for location A but am pulling in the remaining B, C, D and E locations. EDIT: we've found a way to do what we need with the Computer Audit - Detailed report. Thanks.
  12. So we got the Patch 10 update over the weekend but when I open the Network Map it shows no map. What needs to be done to fix this?
  13. is there a way to automatically send an email notification to a client/clients following patching to let them know that patching is completed? my boss seems to think this would be beneficial to some of our customers.
  14. Sorry, I'm still new to Automate and, other than ConnectWise University, have received next to nothing in the way of formal training. I've set my Approval configuration to Auto Deny Drivers by category and this worked fine for, at least, a couple months. Now, driver type patches are showing up again in Discovered Patches requiring me to approve/deny manually. I'm wondering if anyone might be able to tell me why this has started to happen again or what I might have done to cause it or what to do to fix it. I've checked the policy/policies and Drivers are still set to Auto Deny.
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