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  1. robbroere

    Report: Patch Compliance

    Thank you for that. I have given this a try. Here is what I have done. Opened Report Center Clicked on Patch Compliance Enter the Client ID and Name with the ClientLocation I get "The document does not contain any pages." Thank you again. Rob
  2. robbroere

    Report: Patch Compliance

    I am looking to run/schedule a Patch Compliance Report. I can run this against the client only. This gives me all the workstations and servers. Since we have our servers in a different location would it be possible to run this report with the client and location thus giving me the report for just the servers? If there is a different report I need to be running please let me know that as well. What I would like to see is How Compliance is my servers. Last Patch Date and all patches approved and ready to install. Thank you! Rob