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  1. ViCiouS

    Automate Locking Up Issues

    I just had a conference call this morning with them and posed the same complaint/question. They said it was an issue with credentials. Each time an operation was made it was requesting authentication from the server (ours is hosted). They claim this will be resolved in the update scheduled for EOM. Thanks everyone for input.
  2. ViCiouS

    Automate Plugins

    Anyone know of any repositories for Automate plugins? I already utilize http://www.plugins4automate.com. Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  3. Is there any way to find out what exact device is failing? We are new to automate. I am using a custom monitor pinging network devices. All I get in the alert is a site name. Aside from going to every device in the probe and selecting the notify box.. is there any way to determine what failed ping?
  4. ViCiouS

    Automate Locking Up Issues

    Ours is constantly locking up. We are cloud based. It regularly sits spinning and you have to kill it and restart (desktop). We are told it is a know issue and they refuse to help.
  5. I am running this as a remote monitor. When I test is i get the following: Failed Result:Exe Monitor Missing I verified the path, and manually with no parameters I get: If I add parameters and run manually a cmd window opens and closes and I never see any results.