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  1. Anyone else have ideas or what I can do?
  2. I have had no luck.... How would we go about working on this? Let me know
  3. Hello, My company is trying to create individual patch compliance reports on different types of assets and also what OS they have installed. Ideally my manager wants all 3 types in separate reports and to break it down even more... separating them by OS too. For example: 1)Laptops (Win 7 , 8.1, 10) 2)Workstations ( Win 7) 3)Servers (Servers 2008 R2, Server 2012 etc... I have tried modifying the default report, but I am not familiar with the reports or the sql data source fields. I was seeing if anyone created something like this or can point me to someone who can create this for me. Thanks
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