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  1. @McDemon Thanks for the update. That's good to know for certain that it's null from the tray menu.
  2. @McDemonHonestly not too certain how that works. My initial thought is that you won't be able to tell specifically that it was created from the tray icon. However, What I'd do atleast would be to create a wrapper script that's just to be placed in the tray menu item, which will then run the script that you want to be able to be run from the tray. In the wrapper script, you could then add in the prompts that you'd like to put in there for the user.
  3. Update: As soon as I made the post, I had finally realized, that the last few edits I made to the current setup fixed the issues. It's properly sending commands to Control now. Our RMM+ scripts haven't been working for a while that are meant to restart the Automate service from Control. I'm personally not familiar with this plugin or the scripts. Based on what information I've found though, I think I have everything setup properly now, and these scripts don't seem to work. I've updated the Control extension, and copied the newest DLL in for Automate. Is the correct way to set this up docume
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