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  1. I've been on that document multiple times, and they do not reference how to remove the default menu items I mentioned in my original post (About, Languages, System Information, Send Status, Screen Capture, and Update Inventory). To be clear, I am trying to see if I am able to make a completely customization tray menu system with NONE of Connectwise's default items present.
  2. I see where I can add, and remove some items from the Automate tray icon. But there is a bunch of things that seem hard coded and I am curious if there is any way to remove them. Items such as About, Languages, System Information, Send Status, Screen Capture, and Update Inventory. I really just want it to be my menu without any of the default items at all.
  3. Thank you. It turns out my issue was two fold. The invert was throwing flag on every single process that wasn't Dropbox. So I had to use the Reverse Query instead, and that worked partially. I didn't realize that the database is only updated every hour or so (depending on the settings) for processes, so I kept getting outdated / random results. I now figured out how to add it as a System Monitor and that is working well for me.
  4. Hi Everyone, I am a total beginner and I am struggling in regard to how to do some basic process monitoring. All I want to do is create an Internal Monitor that throws an alert if process XYZ is not currently running. Is custom SQL queries in the "additional condition" section the only way to do stuff like this? Because my SQL is horrible. Thanks.
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